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Zygot Disrupts Expensive ERP Scene with Next-Gen Blockchain-Based Affordable ERP Software

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Updated 11:21 AM CDT, Wed, April 24,2019

Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2019 -- Zygot is redefining traditional ERP scene with its open-source, decentralized, modular, marketplace-facilitated ZERP software based on EOS which is affordable and applicable for all businesses.

Leading enterprise-grade ERP company Zygot is all set to wage a revolution in the traditional ERP scene with its state of the art blockchain-based affordable and global ERP software. The firm is aimed to disrupt the monopoly of big ERP providers that force end-users to pay exorbitant rates through Zygot's next-gen ZERP ERP solution. The new revolutionary Blockchain ERP software is applicable to all businesses around the world, regardless of size and industry.

As per market reports, traditional centralized ERP solutions provided by market leading providers tend to develop a series of misunderstandings and issues among end-users and providers. In most of the cases, implementation of ERP software calls for various alterations or modifications that hike up the ERP cost for user-businesses. As a result, a user-business feels being under pressure from its ERP provider especially due to these last-moment changes. On the other hand, the provider and implementer also develop this misconception that they haven't been paid adequately. Such a situations springs misunderstanding and bitterness between users & ERP providers/implementers that often need the intervention of a mediator. And that adds further cost to the total ERP software price, making the entire process extremely pricey.

The issues with traditional centralized ERP systems are not just misunderstandings but also high prices, data breaches and monopolization of efforts of developers where they have to learn their code language in order to develop apps for their platform like SAP.

Decentralised, community-based affordable ERP solution

"A decentralized system is much needed to resolve the misunderstandings between ERP providers & implementers and their clients. This is where our next-gen blockchain-based ZERP comes to the rescue as it is built on the decentralized EOS system", stated LeRae Bigelow, co-founder of Zygot.

ZERP is a community-based, decentralized, modular, marketplace-facilitated ERP solution which is affordable and applicable for businesses of all sizes.

"ZERP advances from conventional ERP solutions to the futuristic stage where blockchain & smart contracts are explored at their best. We are here to introduce the advantages of customized software solutions to every company out there- in respect to their specific needs."

Open-source ERP solution

Zygot is the sole blockchain company today to build an enterprise-grade ERP solution on EOS for the benefit of end-users.

The decentralized EOS operative system on which ZERP is based, offers excellent opportunities to overcome the typical woes witnessed in conventional ERP scene – thanks to its nature of dispersion and usage of smart contracts. Zygot's next-gen ERP solution is an open-source software that can be updated or maintained by independent software and implementation teams as well as by clients. Such a decentralized ambience enables users to experiment with varied teams for same software production and updates.

Token incentive for best quality

Zygot will create a dashboard where users will post their update or maintenance needs. They will also mention the number of Zygot token to be offered to implementer team. The teams that would sign up for the maintenance or update tasks would have to freeze a particular sum of tokens. They would have to uptake a task which would be 20x (maximum) higher compared to their frozen tokens. EOS' smart contracts will only offer the tokens to these teams if are able to perform the needed tasks in the best standard possible. Teams receiving negative reviews won't be allowed to take further tasks.

About Zygot
Zygot is a leading ERP software company which has been providing premium enterprise-grade ERP solutions for more than 25 years now. The company is focused on creating custom solutions with disruptive technologies like blockchain & decentralization to ensure affordable and beneficial solutions for all businesses.

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