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Portiva Focuses on Cybersecurity in the Age of Digital Vulnerability

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Updated 10:05 AM CDT, Thu, July 12,2018

Hellertown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2018 -- Portiva, a leading provider of business, legal, and medical transcription software in Montgomery County remains diligent in their ability to deliver highly confidential speech transcription solutions for their clients. It has become both a measure of convenience and necessity to store and transmit data electronically, which raises significant concerns regarding data vulnerability.

Portiva recognizes the value that cybersecurity has to their clients for mitigating data susceptibility and protecting the integrity of all transmissions. The company continues to focus on cybersecurity and the constant improvement of the protection measures they employ to prevent unauthorized interception or use of a client's electronic data.

A large part of the work done by Portiva involves the transcription and delivery of highly confidential information, which requires extensive preventative security processes to meet the legal requirements of such transmissions. Laws like HIPAA require a secure method of transmitting private and sensitive information; and as one of the most trusted names in the speech recognition services industry, Portiva transcribes medical records for Montgomery County physicians and medical professionals who rely on the strict cybersecurity standards set forth by the company to maintain all manners of confidentiality.

Beyond data encryption, Portiva has taken additional steps to ensure the utmost level of security for all its speech-to-text services. These include: secure physical access to all facilities which require several levels of identity verification, authenticated access privileges, and a comprehensive auditing process for every individual with access to data or voice information.

Portiva continues to offer high-quality speech transcription services that incorporate some of the most innovative and effective data security measures known to the industry. Those interested in learning more about Portiva's cybersecurity initiatives or the wide array of industries they securely transmit data for can do so by contacting them at 610-572-1539 and visiting

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Founded in 2008, Portiva is a provider of transcription services for medical and legal practices, corporate businesses, and media-driven clients. The company offers exemplary customer service from experienced transcriptionists to ensure that all clients receive the files that they need in a timely manner. Portiva additionally offers answering services, notification services, and call recording, giving clients the very best in digital transcription. Portiva can be reached 24/7 by calling 800-977-3534 or visiting

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