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Mobirise Website Builder: Revolutionary Site Building Solutions with New Version

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 4:15 AM CDT, Thu, September 14,2017

Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2017 -- Mobirise, the leading provider of the site building solutions, unveils the newly launched version of the Mobirise Website Builder.

Nowadays people with no programming skills are empowered to create pro-looking websites due to CMS and offline website building software available all over the web world. But the most of the web development platforms require either a one-time payment or a monthly charge. Mobirise offers a Do-It-Yourself Website Builder that allows you to create top-notch mobile websites for free. Mobirise provides an optimized website building flow achieved with the Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG approach. This enables even web design novices quickly to start creating an attractive mobile-friendly website from the ground up.

Mobirise is regularly working on updates and features striving to fulfill their users' needs and wishes. Today Mobirise presents the new 4th version of their app in order to provide a flawless user-experience in setting up a website. With updated core engine and new interface, the Mobirise app works much faster and smoother than before. The new version comes along with the Mobirise 4 website theme that includes 107 site blocks designed according to the latest web development trends. Users can always choose blocks they need to build any kind of website from online resumes to web stores.

"Looking back at the past it had all started with a simple idea to develop the best website builder on the web. In fact, no one can reach perfection, but it feels like we're getting closer to it as that's proved with a lot of positive feedback we get from our clients every single day, " states Jorgen Baart, the Product Director. "The new version is expected to give more flexibility in the development of mobile websites. Actually, we wanted our customers to be able to make attractive and modern websites that stand alone and look nothing like others in the online world. And I think we have success on this score."

Besides that, there are more options for editing content of the website in the latest version of Mobirise. People now are able to add the Google fonts as well as their own fonts from a local folder which allows creating an absolutely unique website.

There also were made some enhancements especially for professional web developers: now they can enjoy the full-screen mode of the Code Editor.

The developer team of Mobirise ensures, there will be more innovative improvements in the next months that will highly simplify the website building process and delight the Mobirise user community more than ever.

About Mobirise
Mobirise Website builder is an easy website creation software for Windows and Mac. Mobirise is known as one of the popular offline website builders used by non-technicians and professional web developers all over the world. Mobirise Website Builder is free for any kind of purposes.

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