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Mobirise Free Webpage Builder Has Gotten Easier for Non-English Users

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Updated 12:35 PM CST, Fri, December 29,2017

Truro, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2017 -- Mobirise, one of the top-ranked website builder providers, expanded their multilingual website solutions for users of the Mobirise Web Design Software.

Mobirise is billed as one of the easiest website builders on the web market. Earlier on, Mobirise has been a convenient web design tool for people with English knowledge. Now users from anywhere in the world can enjoy creating top-notch websites in their native language.

First of all, Mobirise creators have taken steps to make their services more comprehensible to the non-English speaking user community. Now there are 20 Mobirise homepages in different languages available.

Previously, Mobirise developers released a new version with the option to switch between languages right in the application. This improvement made it much easier especially for German speaking customers who had the chance to use the Mobirise Free Webpage Builder translated into their mother tongue.

"I'm that much excited about the German interface as I'm a native German speaker myself and would like to work in my language. It would actually take me a lot of time to learn this software in English. Thank you, Mobirise team, for this feature!" said one of the happy customers.

The latest version doesn't only include the interface translation, but also the translation of themes and extensions. This way Mobirise developers show their concern about non-English speaking clients because themes and extensions translations contain a lot of instructions on how to use website blocks and their parameters.

"We are so happy that our software has gotten understandable for our customers from all over the world," claimed Jorgen Baart, one of the Mobirise representatives. "I think this update is a big step forward because it's important to us that our clients work at websites as conveniently as possible and we will keep trying to make it much easier".

Along with application translation, Mobirise provides features for creating multilingual websites. Since recently, users can not only clone web pages, but also entire websites. This allows for building two or more versions of one website in different languages.

Moreover, Mobirise has lately released the Mobirise Translator extension in order for their users to create translations of Mobirise interface, themes and extensions in their own language.

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Mobirise has gained its popularity as one of the most convenient website builders on the net. Mobirise has a drag and drop technology with the user-friendly interface that allows a fast development of mobile-friendly websites. Mobirise provides ready-made website themes which can be easily personalized by users with no coding expertise.

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