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LogicalDOC Presents the New Two-Factor Authentication

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 11:55 AM CST, Tue, December 12,2017

The new release of LogicalDOC DMS adds two-factor authentication (2FA) to security countermeasures

Carpi, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2017 -- For LogicalDOC users to ensure that their documents are well protected, that was the reason why LogicalDOC have moved further to enable their document management software to support two-factor authentication (2FA) in which Google Authenticator and YubiKey are playing key role for its implementation.

With this new development, document protection and more especially account protection during login has gone to higher level which will be a problem on the part of hackers who will be trying to hack into your personal documents, company files and account even when they have your password, because they will be needing your device to get the code that they will use to hack into your account. This new development of two-factor authentication (2FA) was considered and it is now fully implemented with Google Authenticator and YubiKey because usernames and passwords alone are not enough to keep online accounts safe.

Two-factor authentication is now recommended to secure login to Internet services and protect against phishing attacks and credential theft. This authentication generates two-step verification codes for the users on their devices, thereby increases the security of your account by requiring a second verification step at the time of access.

To understand the value of this two-factor authentication, one has to know of the two different systems that provide them. Which are Google Authenticator and YubiKey.

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