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Leawo's iOS Wireless File Sharing App AirShareUp Is Updated to V1.2.0.0 Adding the Ability to Backup Videos and Photos on iOS Devices

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Updated 8:15 PM CDT, Sun, July 08,2018

AirShareUp V1.2.0.0 is out with the new backup feature added to program and a few UI improvements. The new backup feature allows users to back up their photos and videos on their iOS devices to PC manually or automatically.

Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2018 -- AirShareUp is a brand new wireless file sharing and transferring app developed for iOS device users to quickly and efficiently share media files between iOS and PC or different iOS devices. Earlier this week, a new update is released with new features added to it. The new AirShareUp V1.2.0.0 now supports backing up videos and photos on iOS devices to PC, manually or automatically. The new version is now available for downloading in the program's official website.

AirShareUp is a free wireless file sharing app that allows users to share videos, music and photos between different iOS devices and PC by utilizing Wi-Fi on every iOS device. By connecting to the same network, all devices, including PC, can share videos, music and photos with other devices. As the data transfer is achieved by using Wi-Fi, it is guaranteed to be fast and secure. The iOS app also supports previewing all the files within the app. The app itself is a powerful media player that supports viewing photos, playing music and videos in all kinds of popular formats. AirShareUp also allows users to save the videos and photos they download from other device to the Photos app on their iOS devices for viewing and playback conveniently without opening AirShareUp.

Earlier this year, the first edition of AirShareUp was released without the ability to help users back up videos and photos, but the program was still well-received by a lot of iOS device users. With this latest updated version, users can now choose to back up their photos and videos to PC, either manually or automatically. When a media file is chosen to be shared with other devices, it will be uploaded to the server at the same time. The difference between this and the backup feature is that the backups won't be viewable by other devices connected to the server, while the shared files can be accessed, viewed and downloaded by other iOS devices and PC.

AirShareUp consists of two parts, the desktop program and the iOS app. To use AirShareUp, both parts are needed. First, install the desktop version of AirShareUp on a PC and set it up as the server, and then install the iOS app on iOS devices and connect the devices to the network that the PC is in. And then the wireless data sharing and transfer process can begin. The new version also includes some UI improvements to help make the program easier to use.

The video backup feature will take $6 to unlock. Other than that, the whole file sharing service that AirShareUp provides is completely free. Users can download the desktop program from AirShareUp's official website and the iOS app from the App Store on every iOS device.

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