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Leawo Rolled out Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution with Support of Multi-Angle Blu-Ray/DVD Discs and Floders Converting

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Updated 8:30 PM CDT, Thu, April 18,2019

Leawo pushed out Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution with support of multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD discs and folders converting for better usability.

Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2019 -- Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just updated its featured product Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution to This update brought users a great many important features. The new version supported to convert multi-angle Blu-ray and DVD discs and folders. Although multi-angle Blu-ray and DVD are not popular, quite a few users with higher demand need this special support. As a company devoting to serving every user, Leawo Software made great efforts and added this function to the new version.

Leawo Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution is a powerful Blu-ray/DVD processing program. It allows users to convert Blu-ray/DVD discs, folders, and ISO image files to video and audio files in 180+ formats directly. In this way, users don't need to copy the discs first and then convert the video files to other formats like MP4 complicatedly. Leawo Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution offers one package service.

As for multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD discs, a great many users may be not familiar with. Because in ordinary living, common Blu-ray/DVD discs can also offer great visual experience. However, there is no doubt that with the rapid development of Blu-ray/DVD technology, quite a few new-style Blu-ray/DVD discs come out like multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD. Multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD are often used in large-scale concert or movies. Through Blu-ray/DVD discs recorded and made with multiple angles, users can get fantastic visual impact through switching different playback angles.

However, if users want to convert the multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD discs for keeping or playing on the popular media players and devices like Windows Media Player, VLC, QuickTime Player, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc., there are few choices to complete this task for most Blu-ray/DVD processing software only support to convert common discs. On the contrary, Leawo Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution will be a suitable choice.

In the previous versions, Leawo Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution could only convert the first angle video from multi-angle Bly-ray/DVD by default. So users would lose other angle views of source movie. But with this special update, users could select any angle to convert the content to all kinds of audio and videos files in 180+ formats. In addition, the software presets a great many output profiles for popular media players and devices like Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, etc.

Price and availability
Leawo Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution is now available for downloads on its official website and regular customers can download the new version from it to enjoy the new features. In addition, users can get up to 40% off Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution on Leawo 2019 April Giveaway & Specials promotion.

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