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Updated 12:00 AM CDT, Fri, March 18,2016

No matter what the size of an organization, one needs to ensure that the confidential information is protected properly, as any breach in the security can cost companies. A properly executed security program extends the safety boundary by noting down all potential threats and by designing a plan that could tackle all the attacks.

Bangalore, Karnataka -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2016 -- According to a report by The Times of India Tech, 7 out of 10 hacking attacks are done through web applications. Some key findings of the report states that 155 .gov and .nic domains were hacked in 2014. 58% of these attacks were for financial gains and the rest 42% were by foreign governments to acquire confidential information. In 2015, 185 million mobile users were accessing the internet from a highly vulnerable platform. 91% of the newly designed websites had SQL injection vulnerability and 97% were prone to cross scripting attacks.

The attacks are becoming frequent because the workforce of several companies is not trained to tackle advanced security breaches. Busy schedules or training centres at distant locations are some of the reasons for individuals not being able to stay updated. To solve this problem of workforce, Hack2Secure is opening up a new centre in Bangalore.

Courses Offered At Hack2secure's New Training Centre

To allow an individual to make a choice for appropriate selection of course, training is divided into different levels. The levels are:

Level1: Awareness

In this level of training, fundamentals of network security are cleared. One can also obtain knowledge regarding the internet and computer security. A person who wishes to attend this level of training courses should have a basic understanding of computer systems and the internet.

Key Take Away: One will be able to gain proper knowledge about the creation of secure passwords. A person will be able to identify, avoid fake passwords, emails and downloads after attending these sessions. One will also acquire proper knowledge about different subjects such as secure browsing, online transactions and social networking. Other terminologies such as data, network and web security are also taught in this level of training.

Level2: Beginner

This level is for those who are involved with technical domain. Topics in this level throw some light on the basic level attacks and their countermeasures. Individuals who are software testers, developers, network or system administrators and technical decision makers can apply for this level of training.

Key Take Away: Beginner's level training course provide knowledge about injection attacks, broken authority management, cross-site scripting and much more. After taking up this level of training, one will have an opportunity to acquire expertise on topics like security misconfiguration, cloud security, protocol overview. In this training level, the individual is given some rough knowledge about cryptography.

Level3: Intermediate

Security testing engineers, developers, security testers and auditors and security administrators can start training from this level.

Key Take Away: The individuals who receive training at this level gather knowledge about the reconnaissance, Google hacking, buffer overflow and essential security checks. Secure SDLC and common causes of the security defects also form the part of curriculum at this training level.

Level4: Tools and Techniques

Anyone involved with security testing such as security administrators, engineers, security testers and auditors are suitable for attending this level of training.

Key take away: The training program is dedicated to strengthen the roots of knowledge regarding topics like NMAP. In-depth knowledge about the testing tools like BURP site and traffic analysis tool is also given. One can go for this level of training to acquire grip on WIRESHARK, NESSUS and METASPLOIT FRAMEWORK for securing applications and programs.

Level5: Advanced

An individual who has the desire to dig out all the concepts of security methodologies, risk and threat management can enrol in this level of training.

Key Take Away: As the name "advanced" suggests, training of this level deals with threat modeling for application security, breaking web application security, incident handling and security attacks.

The new centre in Bangalore will offer these courses and more to individuals interested in earning technical knowledge.

Any individual after attaining training from any of the levels become capable of coping with complex security issues. To book a seat at the new training centre, please call +91-9008178676 or visit

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