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Just Outsourcing Presents Topic Taxonomy Inside the First Draft Content Generator

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Updated 12:53 PM CDT, Thu, June 07,2018

Sacramento, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2018 -- Just Outsourcing announced today that its software's interactive topic taxonomy facilitates the pre-writing process with logical, automated processes. Through this taxonomy, writers can make better decisions about various writing subjects, discover relationships among those subjects, and discover how much effort it will take to bring a select subject to a completed article, report, or short story. 'It basically helps writers decide which topic to focus on based on how much of it is automatically generated by the software. It's a real time saver,' said Nicole Miller, developer.

According to Nicole, this taxonomy answers questions such as 'What should I write about?' and 'How long is it going to take me?' 'These are questions writers ask themselves all the time,' continued Nicole. Within the First Draft Content Generator, writers have access not only to over 2,000 different topics, but also their related subtopics. And the search function makes topic selection even faster. But the most important part of this taxonomy is the color-coded Support Meter, which calculates the amount of effort writers will need to put forth per topic.

'Topics that are in the green require very little effort to make specific and unique, while topics that are in the red need a lot. Should a topic require more effort than available time, writers can select a different but similar topic that's in the green instead and finish a writing assignment much more quickly.' Settling on a topic is now a quick and smart decision process within First Draft.

The topic taxonomy also gives writers a preview of the type of content that it generates too. 'This way, writers can verify the software will write about a topic the way that they need it to.' Previews include a topic's definition and its sub-topics, giving writers a way to determine beforehand whether a selected subject is an appropriate one. If a topic's sub-topics suggest otherwise, writers can easily browse or search for a different topic altogether.

Other enhancements are included in the new version of the software, First Draft 5.4, and they provide even more content with a tighter focus, enable personal definitions and formatting though its Word & Phrase Manager, and extract text from selected articles to suggest new words and phrases while the writer types. They also give writers two new options for content generation. The first focuses an article on a specific issue while the second suggests culture-specific words and phrases when typing.

In addition, the exercise (quiz/test) generator now presents history questions, definition questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and related pairs. A glossary generator inserts pre-defined terms into an article, and both dated events and fun facts are automatically included in generated Historical content. To help writers maintain a desired tone, the software Edit Area also now changes colors to indicate the tone of the material being written as well.

First Draft 5.4 costs $189.99 and can be purchased online from For more information, contact Just Outsourcing, 1008 Tenth Street PMB #456, Sacramento, CA 95814-3502. Email:

You can download a trial version of First Draft 2.5 from

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