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FlipBooKit Launches Artistic DIY Crafting Gifts for Children & Adults

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Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Fri, May 11,2018

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2018 -- FlipBooKit ( has unveiled an exciting line of old-time movie machines that are updated for modern times. The hand-cranked machines are perfect DIY gifts for children, couples getting married, crafters, photo booths, or for any occasion that prompts a magic moment of video.

The company harnesses the creative forces of artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen, who collaborated with inventor Steve Goldstein. Together, they launched a KickStarter campaign for the project in 2012, which funded well beyond expectations. Since then, the company has gone on to deliver more than 12,000 flip-book-kits to consumers from all over the world, and showcase their fine art as well.

Seeing a FlipBooKit in action inspires a sense of classic nostalgia. To add real magic to the consumer product, users can insert their own video or animations into the cube-shaped machine.

Some important FlipBooKit facts include:

- The DIY FlipBooKit MAKER Craft edition is available for just $34.95

- Users can also get their hands on a blank DIY card kit (single and multi-packs) $13.95 - $43.95

- The website ( has a MAKER TOOL that converts anyone's video for free.

- Pre-printed cards sets are available such as: Charlie Chaplin, Leapfrog Galloping Horse, and many more.

- Schools and groups often purchase the "Craft Party Pack" (12 bulk packed units) for $299.00

These sets make for ideal gifts for all ages and especially for life-events and weddings when people want to give the something truly unique and special.

FlipBooKit Art Shows

Once a year, the FlipBooKit team selects a city to hold a FlipBooKit gallery show. They usually showcase 30-40 local still-artists and animators. The show draws crowds and fans of FlipBooKit often collect these special collaborative works of art.

About FlipBooKit
The company finds its origins in 2010 when artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen decided to come together and create LED-less tech art. Their ideas took shape and the company has come a long way having sold over 12000 FlipBooKits all over the world since then.

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