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FinanSys Offers Cloud Hosting Solution Which Is Specially Designed and Finely-Tuned for SunSystems

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Updated 7:59 AM CST, Tue, February 13,2018

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2018 -- One of the leading global providers of SunSystems, FinanSys offers a cloud hosting solution which is specially optimised for SunSystems, which is regarded as the top accounting software for midsize business. FinanSys Cloud is designed and finely-tuned to scale seamlessly for the growing needs and changing the landscape of businesses. Launched in 2012. FinanSys Cloud became the first SunSystems Hosting solution dedicated to the integrated accounting system. It provides seamless support, and maximum uptime, to enable individuals to run their finance department. There are various benefits of this cloud system which include reliability, expertise, first-class maintenance, cost-effective, scalability, accessibility, security, and ease of use. It offers standard backup and recovery services also, such as SQL data and critical file backed up in 15-minute intervals; failover process completed within 30 minutes; weekly tape backup; online replication of critical data to secondary data centre.

Founded in 1998, FinanSys has garnered a strong reputation in the industry and has amassed a wide customer base all across the UK. Besides FinanSys Cloud, they also offer financial and accounting software packages, accounting software solutions, professional services, training and support for SunSystems, and much more. FinanSys is the first UK SunSystems partner to offer a fully managed cloud environment supported and maintained by a single provider, acting as a convenient, and one-stop shop for customers.

Elaborating about the FinanSys Cloud, Erol Kagan, the founder of the company stated, "FinanSys Cloud provides secure SunSystems hosting. And because it's a dedicated environment (i.e. a private cloud as opposed to the more common multi-tenanted cloud), this eliminates the problem of housing and maintaining computer hardware and the associated infrastructure. FinanSys Cloud is managed by a group of professionals, maintaining the supporting infrastructure, database, system backups, disaster recovery, reporting functionality and software upgrades. A fully managed service, with a single point of contact for the customer."

About FinanSys
FinanSys is a dedicated provider of SunSystems – the market leading, powerful, financial management system used by over 9,000 companies in 190 countries. Founded in 1998, Erol Kagan set up the company fired by his enthusiasm for SunSystems. This enthusiasm is prevalent throughout the company today and has lead FinanSys to a number of firsts, including first implementation of SunSystems version 6, first implementation of SunSystems' Intelligent Open Network (ION) integration platform, and became the first UK SunSystems partner to offer a fully managed cloud environment supported and maintained by a single provider, acting as a convenient, one-stop shop for customers.

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