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Error Free Chain of Custody (COC) for Environmental Data

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Updated 10:50 AM CDT, Tue, April 24,2018

New South Wales, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2018 -- With ESdat as a data management system for environmental data, all information is backed up and tracked electronically. This is an important step in the process of Chain of Custody. Electronic information handling needs to be maintained and documented with its chronological history. With ESdat Chain of Custody or COC, there are no transcription errors and the electronic chain of custody means no loss of paper records. Data must be recorded and presented in its original format avoiding tampering while copying or analyzing.

When data is recorded electronically in an environmental data management system, it can be tracked, reported, and analyzed more effectively. ESdat means less time wastage and more time spent on other tasks.

Using the Laboratory Sample Planning Electronic COC and Signoff (LSPECS) extension for ESdat, data management field programs can be delegated and managed from a single web-based interface. Electronic chain of custody files are generated by LSPECS and sent to the Laboratories directly from the application. With ESdat the chain of custody can be accurately shown giving confidence in the data accuracy.

LSPECS is web-based, robust, updatable software that allows program managers to design, delegate and manage field programs from a single interface, thereby increasing efficiency, and reducing management/administration time (and therefore reducing cost).

LSPECS has been developed as an extension of ESdat and integrates seamlessly with ESdat, providing complete control of field program planning, implementation review and analysis of results.

LSPECS, in combination with the tablet-based PLog Environmental for electronic field data collection, provides a complete data tracking and management system. Preparation, implementation validation and reporting stages of field program are centralised. Electronic storage of program information reduces the potential for error.

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