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Updated 12:15 PM CDT, Mon, October 30,2017

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2017 -- Requirements management is a necessary and detailed documentation and verification process that all companies, large or small, in the vast majority of industries across the globe need to be proficient with in order to effectively develop new products, launch new services, or enter new markets. While critical to every corporation's success, many companies use internal, home grown processes for requirements management that are not efficient or effective, and not all companies excel at this process. Besides systems and projects become ever more complex due to multiple and distinct stakeholders, growing user demands, stricter regulations, and rapidly increasing integration and automation, the number and criticality of requirements also grows rapidly. The numbers of errors due to poor, ambiguous, and inconsistent requirements are becoming unmanageable and are leading to dramatic costs overruns and systemic delays. To stop poor quality requirements from hampering projects, it is necessary to empower companies with tools to better manage their requirements management processes and automatically check and improve the quality of their requirements.

Visure Solutions, leading expert in requirements management and QRA Corp., a trusted partner in the field of natural language analysis, proudly announce the latest version of Visure Quality Analyzer. Visure Quality Analyzer provides a customizable environment for analysis and evaluation of the natural language used for the specification of individual requirements to guarantee that all meet a defined level of quality. This new version is fully integrated into the Visure Requirements platform to deliver a complete coverage to the requirements management process, guarantee effective end-to-end traceability and compliance with safety requirements for safety-critical environments, full collaborative services, and high-quality re-usability.

Visure Solutions' complete requirements management platform, offers all of the features and tools that companies need to effectively and efficiently manage the process of any development project. The software reduces administrative overhead, simplifies processes, efficiently stores information for quick retrieval, and is highly user friendly. The natural language processing of requirements analysis of Visure Requirements provides a number of important benefits to system engineers and engineering project managers:

- They automate a tedious, time-consuming, fatiguing and error-prone task, and accomplish it almost instantly. This not only saves time, it also saves domain experts from tasks that don't require domain knowledge. Again, this is not to say that expert review of requirements is unnecessary. Instead, these new tools streamline this task by immediately pointing out possible syntax problems, helping experts to correct such errors quickly and thus allowing them more time to focus on what really matters, like the semantics of the requirements or what requirements are missing.

- They instantly show where work is needed. The user can browse through the requirements scores and immediately see areas where the document is weak and perhaps needs extra attention, as well as which individual requirements need work.

- They prioritize users' revision tasks. Users can simply start with the lowest rated requirements (such as the red score requirements highlighted in the tool) and work their way up towards the higher-rated ones.

- They are easily configured and optimized for any given domain and for changing user needs and preferences. Organizations can optimize these tools to their own policies and best practices, and users can configure them on the fly to adapt to specific situations and to test for specific quality indicators.

- They speed review and editing of customer requirements specifications, helping requirements analysts and project managers catch problems, assess risk, and negotiate revisions, before they bid on projects and hand those customer requirements over to the system designers.

- Finally, NLP requirements analysis tools help correct and eliminate requirements errors where they originate – during the requirements analysis and definition phase of the project – before they become more expensive to fix. For not only do these tools help detect and correct the half of requirements defects that result from "poorly written, unclear, ambiguous or incorrect requirements." They also help realize additional savings by allowing domain experts more time to find those missing requirements that account for the other half of requirements errors.

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