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Leawo Software Decided to Prolong 2019 New Year Promotion Activity to Honor the Long-Term Support from Users

LogoLeawo’s largest scale New Year’s Activity will extend to Jan 31st 2019, which provides giveawya, up to 50% off discount on multimedia suites, 40% off on iOS managers and coupon code to get other products at 30% off from original price.

Leawo Provides Prof. Media with 40% Discount in 2019 January Giveaway & Specials Promotion to Help Handle Blu-Ray, Video and Picture Conversions

LogoTo celebrate the coming of 2019, Leawo Software, an online multimedia software solution developer and provider, kicked a 2019 New Year Giveaway & Specials Promotion, in which this software tech leader provides its best seller – Prof. Media with 40% discount. The deadline of this promotion is Jan. 21st, 2019.

Leawo Music Recorder Mac 3.0.1 Rolled out with 4K/5K Screens Adapted, Latest Mac OS 10.14 Supported, Registration Interface Optimized

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just pushed out Music Recorder Mac 3.0.1 with great updates. The software adapted to 4K/5K screens automatically for better visual experience. Moreover, latest Mac OS 10.14 was supported and registration interface was modified to add renew button for knowing purchase status clearly and next purchase. In addition, recording wave, album folder and 64-bit system support were optimized.

Leawo Provides iOS Manager with 40% Discount in Christmas and New Year Promotion to Help Organize iTunes and iOS Data at Less Cost

LogoTo celebrate 2018 Christmas & 2019 New Year holidays, Leawo Software, one of the leading online multimedia software solution developer and provider, launched a Christmas & New Year Promotion to give out Christmas giveaway gift and up to 50% off special offers covering multiple multimedia software solutions. Leawo's upcoming iOS Manager, featuring iTransfer, Music Recorder and Tunes Cleaner, is available at 40% off during this promotion, which will last until the end of Jan. 21st, 2019.

Leawo Updated Music Recorder by Fixing Errors of Continual Popup of Registration Reminder in Trial Version and Recording to WAV on Windows 8

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just updated Music Recorder Win again with a series of problems fixed. This update fixed error of continual popup of registration reminder in trial version after 3 minutes of recording when users registered during recording. In the meantime, recording to WAV is available now on Win 8 32-bit.

Leawo Officially Started Christmas & New Year Promotion with Free Giveaway Gift and Up to 50% off Special Offers

LogoTo celebrate the upcoming 2018 Christmas and 2019 New Year holidays, Leawo Software, an online multimedia solution developer and provider, officially launched its Christmas & New Year Giveaway and Special Offers promotion, with a deadline being Jan. 21st, 2019. Leawo gives out its Music Converter as totally free giveaway gift, along with up to 50% off specials on multiple software bundles and top-seller items covering Blu-ray, DVD, video, iOS utilities, etc.

AirShareUp iOS 1.4.0 Released with a More User-Friendly and Efficient User Interface

LogoAirShareUp is a free wireless file sharing app developed by Leawo Software for media file sharing between different mobile handsets and PC. Recently Leawo just released an updated version of AirShareUp, bringing some optimizations to the user interface. The latest AirShareUp iOS 1.4.0 has an optimized interface for displaying on the iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max. The overall layout of buttons have been changed and adjusted to make it more efficient for users to share media files.

Leawo Just Released Music Recorder Win with 4K Screen Fitted and Register Center Interface Optimized

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just rolled out Music Recorder Win with a great update. Most impressive of all, this update optimized to fit 4K display screen automatically and promoted users' experiences with 4K screens. In addition, the register center interface was designed afresh. The new interface will display the state of registration clearly.

Leawo iTransfer Win Just Rolled out with iOS 12 and 12.1 Supported to Transfer Camera Pictures and Photos

LogoLeawo just released iTransfer Win, allowing users to transfer Camera pictures and Photos on the latest iOS 12 and 12.1 and fixing some crash problems.

Leawo Audaciously Discounted Its Blu-Ray Processing Toolkit by 40% During Its Thanksgiving Promotion

LogoLeawo Software started its 2018 Thanksgiving promotion on November 12 to show the company's gratitude to its customers for their continuous support. Among the discounted products, the 3 Blu-ray processing programs are among the best sellers of Leawo's. The Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Creator are all discounted by 40%. The discounts are valid for both Windows and Mac versions. This Thanksgiving sale will last for a month and come to an end on December 13th.

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