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Leawo 2019 June Promotion Gives Away Music Recorder for Free and Offers Software Solutions at Up to 50% Discount

LogoAs the online multimedia solution developer and provider, Leawo Software has been focused on providing worldwide customers with top-notch multimedia products and service. In this 6th monthly giveaway and specials promotion, Leawo Software will be giving Music Recorder for totally free as giveaway gift, and provides up to 50% discount specials upon bundles, top-seller singles covering Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, mobile utilities, etc.

Leawo Gives out Music Recorder for Free to Record Any Sound Computer Could Capture in the 6th Monthly Giveaway and Specials Promotion

LogoAs the leading multimedia solution developer and provider that provides services and products online, Leawo Software has been holding monthly promotions since 2018. Now, Leawo Software's 6th monthly giveaway and specials promotion of 2019 is on going smoothly. This time, Leawo gives out Music Recorder 1-Year license for both Windows and Mac platforms as promotion freebie to help people record audio and sound from external and internal audio sources of computer. This monthly promotion will be available before July 10, 2019.

Get Free Music Recorder on Leawo 6th Monthly Giveaway & Specials as Well as Media Solution Bundles on Up to 50% Discount

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, rolled out its 2019 6th Monthly Giveaway and Specials promotion from which people can get Music Recorder free and up to 50% discount bundles. It's unusual for Leawo to offer people so many discounts and it's a rare opportunity to get these excellent products with big discounts. As the featured product, Music Recorder now can be obtained free to help people record offline and online audio. Moreover, Prof. Media, iTransfer, and Prof. DRM are also packed as a bundle with up to 50% discount to help people download and convert video, copy, rip and burn Blu-ray/DVD, transfer iOS data, convert iTunes video/music/audiobooks. This promotion activity will last 1 month until July 10. And these discounts apply to both Windows and Mac versions.

Leawo Rolled out AirShareUp PC End 1.3.0 to Adapt to 4K Screen and Add Optional Settings for Running Upon System Startup

LogoData sharing between different devices of different platforms has been a popular concern nowadays. To provide more convenience for people to share and back up data and files between different mobile devices, Leawo Software has officially upgraded AirShareUp PC end to V1.3.0. The new version now could automatically adapt to 4K display screen, and run after system startup. Now the updated version has been available for downloading and installing on the official website of AirShareUp app.

Leawo Launched Blu-Ray Player Win to Fix ISO Playback Issue and Loading Crash

LogoLeawo Software, a company dedicated to finding and providing multimedia solutions for users, just rolled out Blu-ray Player Win with problem-solving solutions. In the latest version of Win, Leawo fixed the issue of ISO image file playback issue and Blu-ray/DVD discs loading crash.

Leawo Launched Prof. Media Mac 8.1.0 with Support of Multi-Angle Blu-ray/DVD Converting and Ability to Customize and Retain Movie Chapter

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just rolled out Prof. Media for Mac 8.1.0 with a series of important updates. With this update, users could select any viewing angle of multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD content to convert freely. Moreover, it allowed users to customize/create chapter for video to Blu-ray burning and retain chapter info when burning MP4/MKV video to Blu-ray discs and copying movie under the "Main Movie" mode. In addition, video download module was optimized to be more stable and faster.

Leawo Launched All-in-One Media Solution with Support to Process Multi-Angle Blu-ray/DVD Discs and Ability to Customize and Retain Movie Chapter

LogoAll-in-One Media Solution was just pushed out by Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software. This update was a great leap, which brought users a serial of great optimization. A highlight was the support to process multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD sources. In addition, it optimized to customize and retain chapter into Blu-ray/DVD and video. Moreover, Video Downloader was optimized for faster and more stable experience.

Leawo Just Released Blu-Ray Player Win with Multi-Angle Viewing Function and Chapter Selection for Playback

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just rolled out Blu-ray Player Win with some more new features. Users can watch multi-camera movies now by setting different viewing angles. For movies with multiple chapters, users can select the chapter during the playback. Apart from these new features, Blu-ray Player Win also updated the whole software skin for better looking. And more minor bugs have been fixed in this update.

Leawo Rolled out Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution with Support of Multi-Angle Blu-Ray/DVD Discs and Floders Converting

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just updated its featured product Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution to This update brought users a great many important features. The new version supported to convert multi-angle Blu-ray and DVD discs and folders. Although multi-angle Blu-ray and DVD are not popular, quite a few users with higher demand need this special support. As a company devoting to serving every user, Leawo Software made great efforts and added this function to the new version.

Leawo Updated DVD Media Solution to by Adding an Excellent Feature of Support to Convert Multi-Angle DVD Discs for Better Usability

LogoAlong with an excellent feature, DVD Media Solution was pushed out by Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software. Through this new version, users could convert multi-angle DVD content to video and audio files in 180+ formats as well as all kinds of popular media players and devices like VLC, iPhone, Samsung, etc. Although multi-angle DVD content converting is not a common function, quite a few users who possess multi-angle DVD discs still need this function to process their discs. So Leawo added this feature to DVD Media Solution to satisfy the demand of users.

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