FlipHTML5 Unveils a Dynamic and User-Friendly Magazine Publishing Platform

LogoLooking at the rate at which technology is changing, it's safe to say that the digital age is here. From the way people share information to the way they find or receive it, technology seems to be revolutionizing every aspect of human life. The print or publishing industry marks one of the areas that are currently experiencing this transformation. With FlipHTML5 rolling out a dynamic and easy-to-use magazine publishing platform, print magazines could be out of the picture sooner than later. The reason is that users can now develop and publish stunning and engaging magazines that enjoy a worldwide reach.

FlipHTML5 Announces an Online Platform for Digital Magazine Publishing

LogoFlipHTML5 has worked as the preferred platform for many online publications for a long time serving millions of people across the world. As a result, they have built their reputation by providing the best tools and services that are of need by their customers. They have announced the release of an online platform for digital magazine publishing. It is going to impact the magazine publishing area a lot.

FlipHTML5 Introduces Its Groundbreaking Digital Magazine Software

LogoInnovation is the fuel that broadens the praxis of the technological horizon and Hong Kong witnessed the inception of this revolutionary technological leap with the help of HTML5. FlipHTML5, one of the leading software development companies, introduces its groundbreaking HTML5 publishing technology. Their unveiling of the new digital magazine software is one of the stark examples of their innovative threshold. This updated rendition of their former software is packed with advanced layers of features, catering to the creation of magazines of varied kind.

FlipHTML5 Launches a Magazine Maker for Designing Magazines Online

LogoFlipHTML5 continues to provide better user experiences by updating their software with new features. The company recently launched the magazine maker - an intuitive tool for designing digital magazines online. The company's presence online has provided its users not just with innovative tools but with publishing and sharing support.

FlipHTML5 Releases a Brochure Maker for Making Different Types of Brochures

LogoIn its long history of software development, FlipHTML5 has managed to demonstrate its firm commitment towards providing innovative and up-to-date software products and information. Their recent release of the brochure maker confirms that the company is dedicated to the success of their clients. FlipHTML5 has unveiled an upgraded version of its digital brochure maker with advanced features for designing different types of brochures.

FlipHTML5 Releases an Online Pamphlet Maker for Every Industry

LogoFlipHTML5 is excited to announce the release of their online pamphlet maker. The online pamphlet maker provides enterprises and marketers from various industries with high-end tools and features they can use to showcase their products and services to vast audiences across the globe.

FlipHTML5 Releases a Magazine Creator for Business and Personal Users

LogoFlipHTML5 released a magazine creator that allows individuals and businesses to design interactive, engaging, and dynamic e-magazines incorporated with multimedia effects to improve reader experience.

FlipHTML5 Releases Its Online E-Book Creator for Creating Digital Books

LogoFlipHTML5 is pleased to announce the release of its online e-book creator, a wonder tool used to design interactive digital books for education, business, and entertainment. E-books produced at FlipHTML5 are shareable in multiple formats to accommodate all readers who are offline and online.

FlipHTML5 Is Now Available for Creating Flipping Books

LogoA reliable resource for business promotion and marketing, the newly launched FlipHTML5 was introduced to provide users with tools and features to design interactive flipping books that can help them grow business and increase sales. FlipHTML5 includes free access to a wide selection of resources including pre-designed templates and themes, online editors, custom domain and online hosting, among many others.

FlipHTML5 Releases Its Page Flip PDF for Users Worldwide

LogoFlipHTML5, one of the leading provider of digital publishing solutions, recently released its page flip PDF that is available for users to convert boring PDF files into interactive flipbooks that people are eager to read.

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