Greenline POS

GreenlinePOS is a Canadian owned and operated company dedicated to providing point of sale and inventory management solutions specific to the context of Canada. Designed to service the Canadian cannabis industry, GreenlinePOS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide their clients the most robust and intuitive inventory management and point of sales systems for retail and online cannabis sales. Greenline POS is a continuation of helping the true champions: The cannabis entrepreneurs and retailers. We believe our experience servicing cannabis retail in Canada for the past years makes us uniquely qualified to understand the needs of retailers and their customers. The Greenline group is a multi-disciplinary team of technologists, cannabis consultants and marketers who have put our heads together to find the best ways to help cannabis entrepreneurs succeed. The process of building an industry is a long one and providing information and secure solutions allows the retailers to focus on their customers rather than worrying about convoluted systems.

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