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Leawo Rolled out Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution with Support of Multi-Angle Blu-Ray/DVD Discs and Floders Converting

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, just updated its featured product Blu-Ray Conversion Media Solution to This update brought users a great many important features. The new version supported to convert multi-angle Blu-ray and DVD discs and folders. Although multi-angle Blu-ray and DVD are not popular, quite a few users with higher demand need this special support. As a company devoting to serving every user, Leawo Software made great efforts and added this function to the new version.

FlipHTML5 Magazine Publishing Platform Is the Dawn of a New E-Publishing Era

LogoAfter an era, the market is seeing a new technology of digital magazines made by FlipHTML5. Designed mainly for the aspirants of digital publishing, this new magazine publishing platform is the master of the e-publishing technique. No matter what the purpose of publishing magazines is, it is going to make everything possible and eccentric. Based on HTML, CSS3, and jQuery, this magazine publishing platform can be used both on the Windows and Mac. And the resultant digital magazines are accessible from both the laptop and the phones.

BlueKite Apps Is Expanding Its App Development Services to Multiple Industries

LogoBlueKite Apps, a digital agency in San Diego, is expanding its services to multiple industries. They are now capable of developing mobile applications and custom software for different industries like Social media & Dating, E-commerce, Finance & Banking and more. BlueKite Apps is now a full-fledged digital agency for app development in San Diego.

Leawo Updated DVD Media Solution to by Adding an Excellent Feature of Support to Convert Multi-Angle DVD Discs for Better Usability

LogoAlong with an excellent feature, DVD Media Solution was pushed out by Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software. Through this new version, users could convert multi-angle DVD content to video and audio files in 180+ formats as well as all kinds of popular media players and devices like VLC, iPhone, Samsung, etc. Although multi-angle DVD content converting is not a common function, quite a few users who possess multi-angle DVD discs still need this function to process their discs. So Leawo added this feature to DVD Media Solution to satisfy the demand of users.

FlipHTML5 Offers a Flipbook Creator That Presents PDF Documents with Animation Effect

LogoNowadays, digital content is the most effective method of communication. As a result, this advancement of technology has made schools, businesses, and many more users realize why a flipbook and other related digital publications are not an option in their daily processes. However, all these users have always encountered difficulties in creating flipbooks due to the cost and complexity of creating this content.

Free DVD Conversion Media Solution Was Pushed out on Leawo 2019 April Giveaway & Specials Promo to Convert DVD to Video/Audio Files in Popular Formats

LogoAt the beginning of April, Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, launched its newly April Giveaway and Specials promotion. In this promo activity, users could get a free DVD Conversion Program to convert DVD discs, folders, and ISO image files to video or audio in up to 180 formats like MP4, MKV, WMV, etc. In addition, it's an edge tool to convert DVD movies for watching on popular media players and devices such as Windows Media Player, iPhone, Samsung, etc. This promotion would be available until the end of April.

Users Can Enjoy Outstanding Services from FlipHTML5 Online Book Maker

LogoGreat news again from FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd. Users can now enjoy the outstanding services offered by the company's latest software FlipHTML5. It is an online book maker, essential in creating online books from PDF files. During the launch of their latest software, Winston Zhang, who is the CEO of FlipHTML5 said, "Our online book maker helps users in creating interactive e-brochures, HTML5 online magazines, jQuery and HTML5 page flip books, and online catalogs featuring great animated page flipping effect."

Leawo Pushed out iTransfer for Mac 1.10.1 to Fix Issue That iTransfer Couldn't Recognize and Load iTunes Data Correctly and for Better Stability and Usability

LogoAn important update had been made to Leawo iTransfer for Mac 1.10.1 by Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software. This update mainly fixed the issue that iTunes data couldn't be recognized and loaded correctly by iTransfer in some users' computer. Although this issue might not happen in all users' computer, Leawo devotes to offer stable and consistent user experience. So with this update, users could resort to iTransfer to transfer their data between iOS devices, computers, and iTunes with ease.

Investor Management Services Sees Strong Start to 2019

LogoInvestor Management Services (IMS), the leading investor experience platform for commercial real estate investment firms, today reported highlights from the first quarter, ending March 31, 2019. With strong performance quarter after quarter, IMS remained the fastest-growing software platform in CRE, providing real-time investment data to over 65,000 LP investors worldwide.

Readers Can Order Products Instantly Using the FlipHTML5 Digital Catalog Software

LogoDigital catalogs help enterprises showcase products and build their credibility online. But that just isn't enough, the way they design those catalogs matters a lot. Catalogs should have explicit messages and great visuals that will help them strengthen their brands. E-commerce shoppers get attracted to high-resolution product images, rich content and detailed specifications of the products. FlipHTML5 can help enterprises and marketers accomplish these goals through their digital catalog software. The software enables users to design catalogs with beautiful images, straightforward product descriptions, persuasive videos and audios, product and page links and much more to guide shoppers in their buying decisions.

FlipHTML5 Enables Language-Enhanced Magazines Using the Magazine Maker

LogoThe adoption of smartphones, tablets, Kindles and e-book readers has dramatically influenced the reading habits of people, making the accessibility and consumption of digital literature very easy for many. That is why FlipHTML5 came up with the most straightforward way of creating interactive digital magazines through their magazine maker. The software has all the tools and features required for publishers to create stunning digital magazines full of rich multimedia, animations and plenty of other mobile-friendly facets. FlipHTML5 also enables users to create a native Android app they can upload and sell to readers on Google play and generate some revenue.

FlipHTML5's Highly Interactive Features Stand out as a Magazine Creator

LogoAmidst the stiff competition among magazine creators, FlipHTML5 remained to be on top of the list of today's outstanding solutions provider for magazine creator needs. The CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang, admitted that many magazine creators are arising today, which leads to tougher competition in the industry. However, he committed to integrating necessary improvements for FlipHTML5. He said, "The reason why FlipHTML5 magazine creator continues to be on top of this competition is because of the company's efforts to let FlipHTML5 evolve along with the ever-changing demands and needs of its clients. Added to this, the minds behind FlipHTML5 always dare to innovate to better serve businesses."

FlipHTML5 Allows for Book Reader Logo Creation Through the Page Flip Software

LogoBusinesses have a common goal of promoting their brand and products to increase sales and attract more revenue streams. Designing flipbooks is one of the most efficient ways enterprises can reach out to massive audiences and market their products. Flipbooks have revolutionized digital reading in a unique and interactive way. Thanks to the page flip software from FlipHTML5, digital content can be transformed into flipbooks with page-turning effect to engage readers and persuade them to purchase products. FlipHTML5 helps users design interactive flipbooks embedded with videos, animations, links, graphics and much more.

Mindinventory Expands Its IT Portfolio, Launches Golang Development Services

LogoMindinventory, one of the most revered mobile and web development companies operating in India and USA, recently launched its Golang development services. With this, the IT company has added yet another service to its expansive portfolio.

FlipHTML5 Helps to Create Responsive Flipbooks Using the PDF to Flipbook Tool

LogoConverting PDF to flipbook takes the shortest time ever when using the PDF to flipbook software at FlipHTML5. All that is needed is to simply upload PDFs and convert them to highly responsive HTML5 flipbooks that can easily be edited. FlipHTML5 software is easy to use even for amateur users. Users can create flipbooks that are responsive and accessible across all devices where readers can zoom in on the picture details or search for keywords to find their desired content quickly.

Svitla Systems Earned the Service Organization Control 2 Certification

LogoSvitla Systems is pleased to announce its acknowledgment as a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2® certified company. The SOC 2® certification is an auditing procedure issued by outside auditors who assess the extent to which vendors comply with the overall practices of securing data, protecting client privacy, and protecting the interests of an organization.

Up to 40% Discount off Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper in 2019 April Giveaway & Deal Promotion to Rip and Convert Blu-ray/DVD Contents to Popular Video/Audio Formats

LogoLeawo kicked off 2019 April giveaway and deal promotion with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper at 40% discount to rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD contents to all video and audio formats.

FlipHTML5 Enables CTA-Enhanced E-Brochures Using Online Brochure Maker

LogoDigital brochures are brand marketing and advertising tools that enterprises use to reach out to their audiences. They help to establish business identity in the online realm. That is why they should be designed with elegant looks, clear graphics and photographs, and engaging animations. FlipHTML5 helps users fulfill their dreams and creativity by creating digital brochures that will make an impact. When videos are embedded into digital brochures, they give viewers an immersive experience that will compel them to purchase products. The online brochure maker from FlipHTML5 is enriched with tools and features that users utilize to optimize their digital brochures to be accessible on computers, smartphones or tablets.

FlipHTML5 Online eBook Creator Offers Multiple Ways of Sharing eBooks

LogoMost online eBook publishing firms and individuals are in search of an efficient platform for their digital publishing needs. Oftentimes, they look for an online eBook creator that will enable them to make engaging eBooks that are easy to share online. Luckily, these attributes are present in FlipHTML5 online eBook creator.

FonePaw Releases A New Video Editing Utility - PawEditor

LogoPawEditor, a new product of FonePaw released. It provides many modes of Effect, Transition, Color/Filter and more for video editing. Over 20 types of each feature are for selection. Simple edits and advanced edits for a better video with PawEditor.

FlipHTML5 Enables SEO-Enhanced Flipping Books Using the Flipping Book Tool

LogoFlipping books are essential in content marketing when they are integrated with users' e-commerce sites. They help to funnel consumers directly to the services or products they wish to purchase. FlipHTML5 provides a flipping book tool that enables users to design highly responsive digital flipping books to help to showcase their products and services. Users have access to more than ten book themes and templates for creating personalized flipping books that allow readers to click on pages, zoom in to read more and flip pages just like they would a real book. FlipHTML5 also enables users to have a custom domain for their flipping books.

Gulf State Software Providing WordPress Based Solution

Gulf State Software providing WordPress based custom solution. Using WordPress frame work they are developing custom business solution for small to large organizations. Any business that needs custom software solutions can be built with WordPress environment. They will implement full plugin for WordPress using client's requirement.

Mandon Software Limited Offers mPACS Insurance Software Built on Progress OpenEdge Database

LogoA leading software insurance agency in the UK, Mandon Software Limited offers mPACS insurance software to help clients effectively administer insurance policies. Built on a Progress OpenEdge database, the software allows clients to update and edit ratings, which in-turn provides greater overall control and management for users. mPACS software provides clients with information regarding rating and claims statistics and enables them to create an unlimited amount of documents to suit the needs of their individual business.

Deadline to Get Up to 30% Discount on Leawo's All-in-One iOS Data Recovery Software to Recover Up to 12 Kinds of Lost Data in iOS Devices

LogoIn March, Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, pushed out a great promotion with its featured products such as Leawo iOS Data Recovery. Now the promotion is coming to end. The chance to get Leawo iOS Data Recovery at up to 30% discount will not come twice due to the deadline is March 31. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is an all-in-one iOS data recovery program. It helps people to recover all kinds of data from iTunes/iCloud backups and iOS device directly with ease.

FlipHTML5 Is the Digital Publishing Platform That Allows for New Revenue Channels

LogoFlipHTML5 is a resourceful digital publishing platform that all enterprises, marketers, and publishers want to be associated with. Users can create captivating catalogs, magazines, brochures, and flipping books, among other publications freely using the given tools and features provided by the platform. As if this wasn't enough, users get to upload and publish their projects to their cloud platform for sharing. FlipHTML5 has user-friendly and easy to decipher software and tools that make creating stunning publications a hassle-free and cost-effective venture for all users.