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Premier Financial Management Services Selects Tellus to Deliver Electronic Visit Verification to Self-Directed Care Market

LogoPremier Financial Management Services, a fiscal agent serving the self-directed care market has, after an exhaustive selection process, chosen Tellus, LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solutions to develop EVV functionality that enables consumers, their family members and caregivers to manage care delivery that fits their lifestyles.

The Future Is Here - New Cryptocurrency Trading Software, ETHBOT Is Launched

EthBot Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its new automated cryptocurrency trading software, ETHBOT. The software was developed to make cryptocurrency trading significantly easier by helping crypto traders create smart and winning trading strategies. Its unique algorithm executes a trading strategy based on statistical arbitrage and technical indicators, such as RSI, Stochastic and Williams Percent Range.

Animiz Launches a Free Animated Video Creator for Business and Education

LogoWhen it comes to engaging the mind for business and education purposes, the use of video contents has been widely adopted. Videos not only gets the audience but have been found to generate the most conversation in the business world. Consequently, video creators have become essential tools for creating video presentations. While most of the available video creators require expert design skills and a huge investment, Animiz animated video creator is free and easy to use.

VIMANA Continues to Expand Footprint in European Market

LogoA VIMANA and CELADA partnership enables CELADA to resell VIMANA's advanced manufacturing analytics software, providing their customers a turnkey, Industry 4.0 solution.  The combination of machining technology and advanced analytics CELADA now offers, helps manufacturers improve productivity and performance of their manufacturing assets.  VIMANA's data driven insight affords manufacturers the ability to optimize machine capacity, improve machine reliability, increase workforce productivity, and improve manufacturing processes.

A New Free Download Manager for Gamers

LogoChecketry - a free download manager app where users can follow and manage their download progress from desktop to mobile – announces the completion of a AU$25,000 seed round from its accelerator, RMIT Activator.

Rhythm Systems Unveils New Software Features at InterGrowth 2018

Rhythm Systems is excited to be part of the elite group of forward-thinking technology companies that will be part of the InterGrowth 2018 ACG TechShowcase. During the TechShowcase, Rhythm will unveil a portfolio of features that help growth companies drive better execution, including the ability for balanced scorecard fans to see all the goals and projects that support their balanced scorecard metrics.

PatrolScan Guard Tour Software Helps Keep Businesses More Secure During the Spring Season

LogoPatrolScan, one of the security industry's leading providers of software and guard tour systems that keep security guards accountable, is encouraging business owners to take action ahead of the upcoming spring season by updating their facility's guard education and protocol. Security should be at the height of every business owner's mind during this time of year, as studies show that spring is one of the most common seasons for break-ins.

Mandon Software Provides Unique mPACS Insurance Software for a Range of Bespoke Insurance Solutions

LogoA leading software insurance agency in the UK, Mandon Software provides the unique mPACS software which offers a range of bespoke insurance solutions. This software is an effective insurance management system which helps the clients to manage their insurance policy administration in a simple, easy-to-use way. Mandon Software has designed their mPACS insurance software in such a way that it comes with multiple features and benefits such as reporting, defining, accounting, rating, renewing, quoting, documenting, claiming, and auditing tools. Due to its wide range of features, this software can make it easier for clients to understand the insurance marketplace. Overall, this software is the best tool when it comes to helping Mandon Software's customers to solving a range of business problems and insurance-related issues.

Animiz Business Video Editing Software Is Free to Download for Windows

LogoJerry Fong, designer of the Animiz, announced that Animiz business video editing software is now available as a free download for Windows operating systems.

Perfect Practice to Showcase Its Latest Debt Collection Software at NCBA

LogoPerfect Practice®, an industry leader in debt collection software will showcase its newest products at the National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) 2018 Spring Conference. The conference will be held in at the JW Marriott Austin, in Austin, Texas.

FinanSys Offers SunSystems Support Services with an Expert Support Desk

LogoOne of the most well-known providers of SunSystems, FinanSys offers expert support services for SunSystems accounting software with an experienced support desk offering. The support desk provides extensive services for the maintenance of SunSystems software such as diagnosis of problems with the fundamental technical platform, along with finding the desired solution to the problem. They also provide free-of-charge software upgrades, service packs, and valuable advice on the configuration of this integrated accounting system. Furthermore, the FinanSys team imparts various recommendations regarding the functionality and capability of the software while providing assistance in fulfilling the administration requirements of the system.

Build Strong Customer Relationships and Boost Retention with Sage CRM from Acuity Solutions

LogoBacked by over 20 years of experience in managing complex Sage solutions, Acuity Solutions offers Sage CRM software that helps businesses strengthen their relationships with customers. A web-based software application, Sage CRM allows businesses to organise and automate their communications and activities across all customer-facing departments, such as sales, marketing and customer service. Dashboard in Sage CRM features multiple advanced reporting tools that allow managers and heads of departments to track sales metrics and activities in real time.

FastStats from MarketDeveloper, a Perfect Blend of an Online SCV and High-Speed Graphical Interfaces

Boutique Marketing Data Specialists, MarketDeveloper offers FastStats which is a perfect blend of an online SCV and high-speed graphical interfaces. The FastStats Discoverer data analysis software is an all-inclusive suite that allows data exploration and provides visualisation tools that help to carry out highly effective, targeted marketing campaigns. It has a simple drag and drop interface that enables the client to handle complex data analysis with accuracy and efficiency. Overall, it can be described as a system that helps clients to easily attain access to essential information as well as boosting the productivity of the business by automating tasks and streamlining data management.

Northern Credit Union and Steinbach Credit Union Partner with Lucidia to Deliver Next Generation Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Solution

LogoNorthern Credit Union ("NCU") and Steinbach Credit Union ("SCU") have each selected Lucidia as their Solutions Partner for the licensing, implementation, configuration and support of Microsoft Dynamics® 365 CRM software.

Animiz Brings an Animated Video Presentation Maker to Everyone

LogoAnimiz is an animated video presentation maker that is intended to substitute the work of video makers and designers. This amazing software enables people to create the desired advertising GIFs and videos on their own saving them hundreds of dollars.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks with the New Update of Syncrify

LogoSyncrify is a private cloud backup software allowing multiple customer machines to backup folders/files to a central repository within its own enterprise. Unlike other cloud-based backups, Syncrify puts you in complete control. No other company will ever see or store your private files. This comprehensive, multi-platform data protection solution provides 100% security and allows customers to access their files from anywhere at any time.

Furious Panda Software Launches Lead Demon, a Cold Email Marketing Software for B2B Lead Generation

LogoFurious Panda Software Launches Lead Demon, a cold email marketing software for B2B Lead Generation. Businesses can use Lead Demon to consistently generate B2B leads and increase sales by sending cold emails with automated follow-ups.

FlipBuilder Unveils a Brochure Maker for Commercial and Personal Use

LogoLife is entirely digital nowadays, by using digital content one can stay updated and attract more business. One can spice up the digital content by making it interactive and mobile friendly. One can share the content on various social platforms and allow the readers to browse quickly without any hassle. Digital content is eco-friendly and not involve ink and paper, but still can attract thousands of customers through its fascinating design.

Error Free Chain of Custody (COC) for Environmental Data

With ESdat as a data management system for environmental data, all information is backed up and tracked electronically. This is an important step in the process of Chain of Custody. Electronic information handling needs to be maintained and documented with its chronological history. With ESdat Chain of Custody or COC, there are no transcription errors and the electronic chain of custody means no loss of paper records. Data must be recorded and presented in its original format avoiding tampering while copying or analyzing.

Radav Announces Its Rapid Application Development Platform Is Now Compatible with Linux

LogoHigher Edge Software, the company behind the blockchain based application development platform, RadJav, which enables developers with rapid development tools and resources for the creation of Apps, smart contracts, and dApps, announces today that it has completed the integration of its RadJav platform with Linux.

DearMob Giveaway: World's 1st iOS Manager to Transfer iPhone Data with Encryption

LogoDearMob iPhone Manager upgrades to its version 2.5 for Windows and Mac to sport iOS data encryption functionality, virtually the first and only of its kind to provide users with U.S.Military grade password-protection. To celebrate, DearMob starts to give free copies of this iOS manager to Windows and Mac users from April 20th to 27th.

Emergent Automation Software Now Simplifies Probate with Updates for Saskatchewan, BC & Alberta

LogoEmergent announces its newest feature to their Estate Administration software. Designed to streamline forms like an application for probate and various affidavits for Canadian provinces, the automation software is now applicable in a larger region. Emergent's software program now includes updated forms for Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta in addition to Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Making for efficiency that translates into a firm's increased revenue, the software contains all the mergeable forms necessary to complete the deceased's estate.

FlipBuilder's Flip PDF Revealed as 2018's Most Popular Catalog Maker

LogoOnly four months into 2018, FlipBuilder's Flip PDF has already established itself as the premiere catalog maker available. Free to download, it enables anyone to publish interactive content that can be distributed and shared online and to multiple devices.

DB Networks Earns Gold at the 14th Annual Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards During RSA Conference

LogoDB Networks®, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based predictive database data loss prevention, today announced that Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, has named DB Networks, a Gold winner at the 2018 Global Excellence Awards® ceremony in San Francisco at the RSA Conference.

Bitamulet, a Spiritual Movement Aiming to Disturb Art and Fashion Industry

The simplest form of a Bitamulet is its 2d representation ('image'). Anyone can generate their personal 2d Bitamulet for FREE at All that's needed is the Bitamulet holder's name and the exact place and time of your birth, and the Bitamulet will is sent via e-mail at no cost.