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DearMob Celebrates Mother's Day with iOS Manager Software Giveaway

LogoDearMob is giving its iOS manager away for free to celebrate this year's Mother's Day. This iPhone manager software empowers users to backup iPhone data, two-way transfer photos, music and videos between iPhone and computer, Mac in the easiest manner. Easily helping mom's archive their data and empower their mobile lives.

Polis Founder and CEO Named a Featured Speaker at the DNV GL Energy Executive Forum

LogoKendall Tucker, CEO and founder of Polis, is revolutionizing how organizations think about data and marketing. Traditionally "big data" and "targeted marketing" have been terms describing online outreach and digital advertising, but since 2015, Polis' targeted data and smart technology have helped businesses and political campaigns hone their offline marketing channels such as door-to-door with dramatic success.

The BlindsBook Fabric Calculator Saves Time

LogoWith the Fabric Calculator, all of the necessary fields such as product number, style, colors, width, height, side/bottom channel, and mechanism are readily available for input. The app also includes extra fields for any additional notes that need to be made or entered. Working with all of these fields is easy thanks to a simple to use interface and users can rest assured that the prices are based upon their specific business charts and prices so that calculations and estimates remain accurate.

Computer Surveillance Software PC Agent out-Performs Competition

PC Agent is a highly trusted PC surveillance software that has become the top choice for users by providing reliable computer and tablet computer monitoring services. These include comprehensive and up-to-date features for remote and discrete tracking and monitoring data of a target PC computer without the knowledge of computer's user. Today, the PC Agent has successfully reached thousands of international satisfied customers' milestone and has built a solid reputation for being the most reliable surveillance software out there.

TunesCopy Ultimate for Mac V2.1.0 Is out Adding Support for Converting Audible AA, AAX Audioboks

LogoLeawo Software is a leading software development company and it just released a major update to its TunesCopy Ultimate for Mac. In the latest TunesCopy Ultimate for Mac V2.1.0, the company added support for converting Amazon Audible AA, AAX audiobooks and made several changes to the interface of the program to deliver a more refined and smooth user experience.

Animiz Is Available to DIY Mother's Day Animation Video

LogoMother's Day is celebrated in different parts of the entire world to honor them and also show them respect for what they have to do to the family. This day is unique, and it should be treated as such. There are many things that can do to mothers to make them happy.

ESlog – Understanding and Using Bore Logs

When people bore into the earth in search of oil, gas, groundwater, minerals, or even as an environmental survey, it is necessary for them to maintain a detailed log of their findings. This process, aptly named borehole logging, entails keeping a record of the geological formations discovered while creating a borehole. If the inspection is completed by physically studying samples, it is called a geological log. If the data is retrieved my instruments lowered into the hole, it is a geophysical log.

Houston Computer Classes Launches a New Excel Training Course That Targets Clients in Houston

Houston Computer Classes by Chi Brander has announced the launch of a new Excel training course that will target clients in the city of Houston. According to the company, Excel is an important application when it comes to managing businesses and as such, it's only fair to make sure that as many people as possible have the basic skills needed to use it. The company has also invited clients who need to learn through this course to sign up on its website.

Indusgeeks Offers Interactive, Immersive and Narrative-Driven, Gamified Industrial Training Experiences

LogoThe winner of many awards, Indusgeeks is a company that leads in the creation of Game-Based Training, Business Simulations, and Gamification Solutions for all kinds of industries. This mode of training provides tools that equip the role players in Leadership Development, Sales and Soft Skills Training, Safety and Compliance, Policy Awareness as well as Onboarding and Induction. The game based learning offered by Indusgeeks can be customized to meet the particular needs of a company at affordable costs.

niolabs Teams Up with Google Cloud at Internet of Things World 2018

LogoComing off of their recent partnership announcement, niolabs, a pioneer of distributed computing software to serve the explosive Internet of Things market, will be teaming up with Google Cloud at next week's Internet of Things World in Santa Clara, CA to demonstrate their turnkey integrations with the Google Cloud Platform and IoT Core.

EthBOT Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading Software Launched Works on Autopilot

CRYPTOCURRENCY trading is one of the hottest topics all over the internet including discussion about trading platforms quick riches and guaranteed results. With software, programs, robots and systems popping up quickly to assist new traders trying to seize the opportunity of earning great gains, there seem to be confusion and misinformation running amuck. EthBOT, a newly launched automatic cryptocurrency trading technology designed provide people the profitable results. EthBOT is currently in the spotlight for being the best and more productive technology. The EthBOT technology has proven to work by harnessing the power of AI technology to work for human benefit.

Animiz Launches Its Whiteboard Animation Maker for Learning Institutions

LogoKnowledge delivery changes every day. Initially, teachers and tutors used blackboards. At the current digital world, things are different. Even presentation in seminars and big meeting need proper content delivery to drive the important information home. That can only be done by the use of whiteboard animation maker. This product of Animiz is one of the best software that can be used in making and displaying creative learning materials.

DoYourData Software Offers Cutting Edge Solution

DoYourData Software, a reliable name in the business has ensured that users can now Recover Deleted Files with ease and breathe a sigh of relief.

Driving Deposit Growth: Flowtracker Analytics Changes the Game

LogoFlowTracker Analytics today announced a major expansion of their analysis services, enabling banks and credit unions to drive deposit growth by focusing on money flows into, out of and within customer accounts. The FlowTracker SaaS service includes innovative new tools to analyze these money flows and reveal the underlying customer behavior dynamics, a unique new way to plan growth strategies.

Rhythm Systems Announces Breakthrough Conference 2018 Keynote Speakers to Include Blue Ocean Shift's Renee Mauborgne and HubSpot's Dan Tyre

Rhythm Systems' Breakthrough Conference 2018, a conference for middle market business execution and growth, announced today the keynote speaker line-up for October 11 – 12, 2018. Designed for CEOs, Executive Teams and Department Leaders, this is the premier event for mid-market growth companies to learn how to manage growth and win.

Animiz Launches the Best HTML5 Animation Tool for Windows PC

LogoLeading software producer Animiz has launched an ultimate HTML5 animation tool for making presentations more interactive and appealing. The HTML5 animation tool can animate dull and morbid presentations, and explainer videos with extra spunk to bring in more attention and generate traffic.

Strategic: The Ultimate Project Management/Planning Software Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoStrategic is an all-new financial administration and project management app that will revolutionize many small businesses around the world. Many small businesses do not have a large capital for investment and they need to learn where to spend their resources. This remarkable new software is for all such businesses and it will simply revolutionize the way businesses plan their future in the market. The project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and its goal is to raise a sum of $60,000 for the app.

Digiarty Enhances WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to Downsize Video with High Quality

LogoDigiarty Software, an expert multimedia solution provider, performs improvement on its featured video converter – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe – bringing faster experience to downsize raw, 4K, HD videos into smaller size without affecting quality. Through video downsizing, users can share and send videos without hassle.

InstantGMP INV – Robust Biopharmaceutical Inventory Management Software

LogoThere are numerous inventory management solutions available, but none other that meet FDA requirements and budget constraints. InstantGMP™ INV is a validated software that was created by pharmaceutical industry experts and provides necessary inventory controls with leverageable benefits at an affordable price point.

Animiz Video Software Simplifies Functions from Video Crafting to Publishing

LogoHere is great news for all people out there who think that creating videos online would entail a lot of hard work and effort. With Animiz, free video software for small businesses and other media contents, converting simple text, images and objects into interesting and catchy videos is achievable. Animiz manager, Jason Chan, has provided people with the convenience and ease of creating and even publishing animated videos like a professional. Thus, many small businesses could now have the edge in advertising their brands and products through the use of Animiz.

RadJav Completes Integration with HTTP Servers and WebSockets with Its Latest Release

LogoHigher Edge Software, the company behind the blockchain based rapid application development platform, RadJav, which enables developers with rapid development tools and resources for the creation of Apps, smart contracts, and dApps, announces today that it has completed the integration of its platform with HTTP Web Servers and WebSockets.

Animiz Desktop Animation Software Makes Video Animation Simple

LogoAnimation has never been surprising and straightforward as it is today. Animiz desktop animation software is made to help all people who are interested in developing animated videos. It has all the features that are needed by its users to make the thing run and work as required. For fun, fantastic event and business presentations, Animiz desktop animation software is the best. In fact, it has the following features that make it amazing and helpful to all its users.

List of the 100 iTunes Top Pop Songs 2018 Is Out, Featuring Music Enthusiasts to Update Their Music Libraries

LogoLeawo Software initiated a discussion between staffs talking about the most popular songs and most welcome singers in the first half year of 2018. By coincidence, Apple announced the list of top 100 pop songs online on the same day. So it was a really lively discussion. In this latest music charts, No Tears Left to Cry from Ariana Granda ranks the first place. No Tears Left to Cry received lots of praise from all the audience upon release. One music critics called it "the breeziest, most danceable kind of post-traumatic recovery anthem". The song ranks the second place is Taylor Swift's Babe. Babe belongs to country music. It was originally written by Taylor. This time Taylor got big success again. Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line is the third most popular among the 100 songs. Except for those three songs, the top 100 songs chart includes the hottest and most popular music hits and singles from all musical genres including today's hot pop, rap, rock, and country songs. Both of them needs to be paid to listen.

Environmental Data Management in New Zealand

Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS) is expanding the use of ESdat, their environmental data management software, in New Zealand. ESdat is a specialist database system used to validate, import, analyse and report a broad spectrum of data as exceedance tables, graphs, maps, statistics and more.

AutoCAD Is Becoming the Industry-Wide Standard Software for 3D Designing

LogoWith the advent of 3D printing, a lot of software has arisen that aims to provide designers with interfaces that adequately allow them to create stunning designs on a 3 dimensional plane.