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Leawo Apple Utilities Fully Support the Backup and Recovery of Football Fans' 2018 FIFA Precious Memories

LogoThe long-anticipated 2018 World Cup finally started in Russian. Many people turned up to Russian to view the matches. And the enthusiasm of people who are not able to watch the game on the spot are not less than the live audiences at all. The Word Cup themed songs rushed to the top positions of all the charts and the recorded games are widely and quickly spread among football fans.

ExistBI Provide Unique Tableau Consulting for Lamps Plus

LogoExistBI are excited to announce their recent unique Tableau consulting and support engagement with Lamps Plus. Lamps Plus is a privately-owned coperation that designs, manufacturers and sells lamps. The company operates over 40 sites and is a worldwide enterprise with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company was searching for a unique Tableau solution for managing their various forms of data within the Tableau platform, this solution involved additional layers of security. The solution is not provided by Tableau and had to be developed for the customer. ExistBI were able to provide a detailed work proposal that exceeded their expectations. The team initially created a solution which configures an information barrier to prevent exchanges or communication that could lead to conflicts of interest. ExistBI would then continue supporting Lamps Plus with daily Tableau administration and workbook development tasks.

Svitla Systems CEO, Nataliya Anon, Wins GOLD in CEO World Awards 2018

LogoSvitla Systems is proud to announce that its very own CEO and Founder, Nataliya Anon, has been awarded the prestigious GOLD honor in the Female CEO of the Year category. This milestone is pivotal in the company's advocacy of promoting women in the high-tech industry. Svitla Systems is a proud member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) since 2013. Receiving this award further underscores Svitla's commitment to the advancement of women in high-tech.

Focusky Free Presentation Maker Enables Users to Make Custom Presentations in Minutes

LogoFocusky software Co., Ltd, one of the leading software development company is pleased to announce the release of its latest advanced and improved software Focusky free presentation maker. It's a free software that enables users to make custom presentations in minutes.

Focusky Infographic Maker Now Is the Leading Choice for Students and Professionals

LogoFocusky now is recognized as the best infographic maker for students and professionals. This amazing software has truly redefined how the infographic art is made in new ways.

Divideon Releases xvc 2.0 - An Open-Source Video Codec with a Royalty-Free Baseline

LogoThe software video compression company Divideon is today making the official release of the second version of xvc. The xvc video codec is a software-defined next-generation video codec specifically developed to provide high compression performance and good visual quality in low-bitrate streaming applications.

Focusky's Video Presentation Maker Is Perfect for Product Demos and Concept Videos

LogoInnovation and change are the two important aspects of any business. People will have to think of new things to work in the market and then convince the investors too. Hence, Focusky has come with the video presentation maker for marketers.

Grammy-Winning Engineer Jared Kvitka Trusts Sonarworks Reference 4 for Monitoring

LogoJared Kvitka is a Phoenix-based freelance, Grammy-winning engineer — who also teaches at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS), the premier audio recording, sound engineering and production school. Over the past several years, he has been associated with projects by high profile artists including Journey, Robert Cray, Iron Maiden, and most recently, the 'supergroup' Black Country Communion.

Start-Up to Streamline Large-Scale Energy Renovation

LogoElectricians, carpenters, painters, masons, consultants and architects. The more parties are involved, the more difficult it becomes to stick to the schedule when coordinating a whole host of supplier and contractor activities.

SunSystems Software from SunAccounts, Powerful Accounting Software for Industries Providing Financial Services

LogoOne of the most reputable providers of SunSystems software, SunAccounts is a powerful accounting software that helps financial services providers effectively analyse complex data and provide usable reports to clients. Apart from financial sectors, they also provide services for various other sectors like Not for Profit, Property Management, Energy and Oil, and many more. SunSystems helps organiszations which provide financial services to overcome the challenges they face, with:

Attain Unlimited Access to Marketing Database System with SaaS Solutions from MarketDeveloper

Boutique Marketing Data Specialists, MarketDeveloper offers SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which helps the users in attaining unlimited access to their marketing database system. Their marketing database system comprises of three subscription models namely Self Service, Managed, and Hybrid. The Self Service SaaS is handled by the technical services team, the Managed Service is handled by the customer services team, and the Hybrid Service is handled by a combined effort from the clients and team of MarketDeveloper.

VIMANA Selected by Autodesk as Analytics Platform to Enable Fusion Production Solution

LogoVIMANA has been selected by Autodesk as the analytics platform that is the enabling technology for their newly announced Fusion Production Software. The partnership leverages the two companies' respective strengths, VIMANA's analytics and Autodesk's engineering planning and design into one integrated solution for customers. Autodesk's new Fusion Production software combines machine monitoring, production scheduling, and job tracking using cloud computing for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Smart Manufacturing.

"Trigger Control", a New App by CoreValue to Empower the Salesforce Platform

CoreValue Services, a software engineering and technology company, announces the release of Trigger Control, its newest application built on the platform. It is a managed package that helps organize triggers in the Salesforce organization.

Transforming Business Profitability Is Easy with Training Administration System from Enterprise Study

One of the most sought-after names in the industry, Enterprise Study offers the Training Administration System that helps organisations efficiently transform business profitability, without any hassle. The Training Administration System helps in utilising the resources to their fullest potential and drives event profitability by smartly planning and managing instructors, venues, and other resources. The Learning Network Module is also effectively utilised by the TAS for easily integrating with complementary training providers courses to ensure that the clients receive a complete offering. The TAS has several benefits such as improves customer loyalty, increases sales opportunities, and much more.

Gain Access to Various Enterprise-Grade Features with mPACS Insurance Software from Mandon Software

LogoAn outstanding software insurance agency in the UK, Mandon Software offers a state-of-the-art mPACS software which provides a range of enterprise-grade solutions. This software is a high-class insurance management system with bespoke quality features which helps in effective insurance policy administration. It provides a wide range of features and hence is extremely useful for clients in developing a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in managing the insurance policies. The various features provided by this one-of-a-kind insurance software are defining, accounting, rating, reporting, documenting, renewing, quoting, claiming, and auditing. This software has been developed using the cutting-edge technology and sophisticated techniques.

Leawo's Selling Its Signature Blu-Ray Processing Program: Blu-Ray Copy at 30% Discount in Its Summer Sale

LogoLeawo's 2018 Summer Sale started officially on May 10th and it's currently featuring a large quantity of its products at great discounts. Leawo Blu-ray Copy, for one, can be purchased at 30% discount using the sitewide 30%-off coupon. It's one of Leawo's signature Blu-ray processing products that enables users to back up their Blu-ray discs to computer and to another disc. The 30%-off coupon would be valid for Leawo Blu-ray Copy until July, 20th, 2018.

Get Leawo DVD Ripper for Free from Leawo's Summer Sale and Get Forgotten DVD Disc Collections Digitized with No Cost

LogoSummer is here as well as Leawo's 2018 Summer Sale promotion activity. This sales promotion of Leawo's was first launched on May 10th, 2018. To turn up the heat on this sales promotion, the company decided to feature Leawo DVD Ripper as a giveaway during the whole activity. Leawo DVD Ripper is a powerful DVD movie converter designed by the company to help DVD collectors to digitize and convert their DVDs to videos in common formats. During the promotion period, which is from May, 10th to July 20th, users can get this program for free by sharing the promotion on Facebook.

Users Who Want to Get Leawo DVD Copy Can Now Enjoy a 30% Discount in Leawo's 2018 Summer Sale

LogoLeawo Software is a leading software developer in the media processing area and the company officially rolled out a series of special offers in its 2018 Summer Sale. One of the biggest surprises from this sales promotion is the 30%-off sitewide coupon the company offers. The coupon can be applied to every product the company offers, except those that are already being sold at discounted prices. Leawo DVD Copy, a DVD backing up tool from Leawo, can also be purchased with 30% off using the coupon. This sales activity of Leawo's will go on until July 20th and the sidewide coupon would be valid during the whole event.

Environmental Reference Database - Easily Update Environmental Standards, Chemcodes and Chemistry Profiles

The ESdat Server Web Interface is a powerful analysis and reporting tool; used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of environmental data using a standard web browser. ESdat Server can be customized and is suitable for use by a scientific or engineering user base.

Comtrex Offers Highly Efficient Hand-Held Mobile POS Ordering Systems to Increase Restaurant Sales

LogoA leading supplier of POS systems to restaurants and hospitality businesses, Comtrex offers highly efficient hand-held mobile POS systems that are designed to provide faster modern table-side service. The hand-held mobile ordering systems they offer are focused to improve day-to-day running of restaurants, bars and hotels, whilst reducing customers' waiting time. These systems help business owners to control costs and improve customer experience, ultimately maximising their profitability. Extremely easy to use, these hand-held ordering systems are based on the latest technology. Comtrex's hand-held ordering systems connect through Wi-Fi and works perfectly on a simple router, lowering the cost of implementation and making maintenance easier.

Running a Business Is Easy with Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software from Acuity Solutions

LogoOne of Sage's UK Business Partners, Acuity Solutions offers Sage business accounting software for sole traders, start-ups and small businesses. The Sage Cloud Accounting Software that they offer is compliant and up-to-date with all accounting legislation for the UK. This accounting software is equipped with highly useful features, including, instant syncing with bank, easy tracking of expenses, creating new invoices, and other such features that help small business owners to expand their business.

Big Discount of Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper Is Offered in Leawo's Summer Sale as a Special Gift to Blu-Ray Lovers

LogoSummer is a great time for enjoying movies. And to help Blu-ray lovers better enjoy their favorite movies during summer, Leawo Software launched its 2018 Summer sale on May, 20th and the event is featuring its renowned Blu-ray Ripper at 30% discount. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a top-notch Blu-ray movie converter that can digitize Blu-ray movies and convert them to videos in common formats. This Leawo's Summer Sales Promotion will last until July 20th.

Focusky Hailed as the Most User-Friendly Product Presentation Software

LogoProduct presentation is vital for people venturing into business to successfully market the ideas, products and services that they offer to a wide array of consumers. Focusky has seen such needs and continuously made innovations in its product presentation software. In fact, with the series of upgrades made on the software, Focusky became no less than interactive and usable in product promotion.

Running a Business Is Easy with Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software from Acuity Solutions

LogoThe UK's largest Sage Business Partner, Acuity Solutions offers Sage business accounting software for sole traders, start-ups and small businesses. The Sage Cloud Accounting Software that they offer is compliant and up-to-date with all accounting legislation for the UK. This accounting software is equipped with highly useful features, including, instant syncing with bank, easy tracking of expenses, creating new invoices, and other such features that help small business owners to expand their business.

Interactive Digital Signage POS Software for Zwilling

LogoMany talk about neccessary innovations at point of sale, Zwilling however implements them consequently. The traditional company employs an interactive solution, based on eyefactive's MultiTouch software technology for their innovative store concept