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Leawo Software Kicks off 2018 Summer Giveaway and Specials Campaign to Offer iTransfer and DVD Ripper for Free and Sell Application Bundles at Up to 50% Off

LogoLeawo Software started the 2018 Summer Giveaway & Specials Campaign which starts from today 23th May, 2018 and will run through till 20th July, 2018 . This giveaway is distributing unlimited license codes of Leawo iTransfer and DVD Ripper. And the special sales includes 1 solution bundle priced with 50% off discount and 3 bundles sold at 40% off.

RadJav Launches Cryptography Library and Integrates with OpenSSL

LogoHigher Edge Software, the company behind the Blockchain based software development platform, RadJav, which enables developers with rapid development tools and resources for the creation of Apps, smart contracts, and dApps, announces today that it has completed the integration with of a new cryptography library leveraging OpenSSL.

Mobirise Releases a New Set of Easy to Create AMP Website Builder Themes

Mobirise, in the web design world renowned as one of the most user-friendly website builders, offers now a whole set of new AMP website themes.

Leawo Prof. Media V7.9.0.0 Is Released Bringing Major Updates to BD Copy, BD Ripper, BD Creator and Video Downloader Modules

LogoLeawo Software just released Prof. Media V7.9.0.0, a new version of its all-around multimedia processing toolkit. Several modules have received major updates. BD copy module can now copy the whole Blu-ray disc from BD50 to BD25 and save the 3D effect when performing BD50-BD50 copy. BD Ripper module can now keep all the chapter information in the original Blu-ray disc when converting Blu-ray movies to MP4 and MKV. Video burning speed is greatly improved. The update also got a few bugs fixed to help make the program more stable during use.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player Win Released, Featuring Revolutionary 4K UHD Disc Playback Support and More

LogoGrabbing some popcorn and watching Blu-ray movie at home might still be the best way to spend a Friday night for a lot of people. In order to provide a better Blu-ray enjoyment to its customers this summer, Leawo software, a professional multimedia software provider, has just released a brand new update patch Win on May 18 for its free Blu-ray player software, Leawo Blu-ray Player. The update includes new 4k UHD discs support, upgraded core functions and some adjustments on user interface and audio performance.

New Study Shows WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax Reduces State Accounting Work by Up to 70%

LogoEmergent announces the results of a recent study conducted on their WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software program. The study reported a 70% reduction in the time it takes to do accounting work by executors or trustees. Helping to keep track of their assets, liabilities and investments and their distribution, Emergent's WindUp Estate accounting & Tax software is highly adept at balancing estate accounts. Designed to take the distress out of disposing of all liabilities and bestowing assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, WindUp uses a court passing format. Now executors can have confidence when placing their work in front of a judge for confirmation of accuracy. And it does it in one-fourth of the time.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player V1.10.0.1 Fully Upgraded on BD-J Menu Recognition, ISO Image File and MOV File Playback

LogoTo deliver better movie watching experience with computer, Leawo Software put all its effort into upgrading its free Blu-ray Player for weeks, and finally rolled out the V1.10.0.1 with multiple improvements. The major improvements of this upgrade focus on the BD-J menu recognition, ISO image file and MOV file playback, and UI display reconstruction, which greatly improved the playback fluency and user experience of this Blu-ray player software.

FlipHTML5 Emerges as a Top Online Brochure Maker

LogoFlipHTML5 has completely revolutionized digital publishing. Along with providing users with the opportunity to share their digital publications across social networks, the content is often optimized for SEO as well. Both of these services are offered free of charge. Aesthetically pleasing themes along with pre-designed book templates are also among the free services offered. For users seeking a top-of-the-line online brochure maker, look no further than FlipHTML5.

FlipHTML5 Launches World's Incredible Flipping Book Tool for Windows and Mac Users

LogoFlipHTML5 is a leading name in the whole HTML5 digital publishing platform. It helps the user to convert the self-customized Adobe PDF documents into flipping books. It is basically a digital publishing solution which helps the user to turn the PDF pages into the attractively designed pages that are used in e-books and magazines.

FlipHTML5 Online eBook Creator Is Now Free-Ready for Everyone

LogoBeyond the fineness and richness of a content, online content reading is largely dependent on how interactive the publisher's content is and FlipHTML5 might be doing this exceedingly well. This is an online eBook creator that can be used to convert short and long read of PDF documents into an interestingly captivating flipbook for readers to read and enjoy the comfort of their mobile devices.

FlipHTML5 Launches Its Flipbook Creator to Make Online Publishing Easy

LogoFlipHTML5 is proud to offer one of the best flipbook creator that allows anyone to create online digital publications. Each flipbook can be converted and owned for life and is also tablet and smart phone compatible.

Sinq's EvS Technology Goes Beyond Minimal EVV Requirement for 21st Century Cures Act

LogoSinq Technologies Aims To Provide Long-Term Results for Home Health Care in the Hurried Age of Electronic Visit Verification

ExistBI Expands Their MicroStrategy Division

LogoExist Management LLC (ExistBI) have been providing MicroStrategy training and consulting services since the Company was established in 2008, in the last 12 months they have seen an increase in demand for these BI & Analytics services.

FlipHTML5 Engages a Wider Audience Through Its Multi-Browser Functionality

LogoIt seems like there is no end for the company that creates FlipHTML5 to surprise their users with the continuous improvements that the digital publishing software is offering to the public. Although FlipHTML5 is still new in the market, many of the users find this software extra useful in their business, work or school as the creation of flipping books can be easily completed.

FlipHTML5 Announces Industry-Leading Digital Publishing Software with a Simple User Interface

LogoFlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd., based in Hong Kong, has made digital publishing easy after announcing the digital publishing software today, with a better user interface. It is one of the world leading providers of digital publishing software. FlipHTML5 digital publishing software lets publishers create their own brand and make the public have the sense of it which would make the publication more user-friendly among competitors.

FlipHTML5 Brings One of the Most Dependable Digital Publishing Platforms for Instant and Global Promotion

LogoEveryone wishes for their production to hit the market and reach out to a maximum number of people globally. FlipHTML5 has come with digital publishing platform, which is used by millions of individuals and entrepreneurs to post and publish booklets, catalogues, and magazines for the world to read. Businesses can share products along with their details online from this platform itself.

Mobirise Relaunches Its Android Website Builder Application

Mobirise, one of the foremost site building tools development company, has recently announced the relaunch of the Android version of its mobile web page builder.

FlipHTML5 Announces Its Cool Magazine Creator This Summer

LogoThe use of online magazines is the current trend in the market. In fact, this technology is here to stay. As people try to get new versions of these digital magazines, the more complex the work gets. For instance, some publishers will find it hard to create magazines that are compatible with different devices and browsers.

FlipHTML5 Flip Book Maker Enables Restaurant Owners to Make Their Menus Available Online

LogoToday, most things are done online. Starting from selling valuable items to simple things online users have the power to buy any item by click a button. At the moment most people who sell food are moving online. Hotels, restaurants, and foods courts are striving to go global. These companies are looking for ways to sell their recipes and expose their menus to the public. The companies are using complex menu makers forgetting that FlipHTML5 flip book maker is here for them. There are many reasons why this flip book maker is ideal for that function.

FlipHTML5 Opens Opportunities for Paperless Marketing Development

LogoAlongside the rise of the fourth industrial revolution comes the best offer that Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, has in store for the enterprises and consumers out there. For years, shoppers worldwide thrived on reading catalogs and magazines printouts as their shopping references, entertainment sheets and trivial trend resources in lieu of doing the walk-in buying set-up. Those were the days when printed memorabilia such as yearbooks, photo books, brochures, etc. are noteworthy items that would require high maintenance measures by its organizations or institutions.

Prolytics Provide Free Training Program for Google Certifications

LogoGood news for all professionals. Prolytics, which has firmly established itself as the leading training center for IT skills, is now going to offer a free training program for Google Certifications to all and sundry. This training program is open to everyone who wishes to hone their skills and get certified by Google, the world's largest and most widely-used search engine.

AMC Bridge Issues a Research Article on Surface Reconstruction Based on Neural Networks Algorithms

LogoMachine learning has been growing in popularity, and numerous industries working with large amounts of data have already recognized the value of this technology. AMC Bridge conducted a research on self-organizing maps algorithms and their use for surface reconstruction, which is an important trend in 3D scanning.

White Paper Finds Need for EVV 2020 Solutions That Offer Innovation and Flexibility for Consumers, Caregivers, Providers

LogoHealth Management Associates, a leading independent national research and consulting firm in the healthcare industry, has released a special report that defines the need for ahead-of-the-curve systems that go beyond legal requirements to address the needs and preferences of the populations they serve.

FlipHTML5: Today's Ultimate Aid for a Dynamic Digital Publishing

LogoPublishing books, catalogs and magazines online is definitely an effective means to reach out to a wider range of readers and thus, it can be a potential point of strategy in promoting ideas, gigs, occasions or any personal endeavor. One of the inspirations of Anna Lee, designer of FlipHTML5, is to provide everyone the opportunity to create a Mother's Day photo book right this very season for such celebration. Here are the top 6 most sought-after features that this digital publishing platform holds for its users:

FlipBooKit Launches Artistic DIY Crafting Gifts for Children & Adults

FlipBooKit ( has unveiled an exciting line of old-time movie machines that are updated for modern times. The hand-cranked machines are perfect DIY gifts for children, couples getting married, crafters, photo booths, or for any occasion that prompts a magic moment of video.