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Digiarty Offers Free Licensed WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to Digitize Old, Scratched, and New DVD Discs

LogoDigiarty Software, world renowned for its powerful DVD video software, is now holding a theme activity named "Turn Your Old DVD Disc into New Digital Movie File". This activity aims to help people turn their dusty old and slightly scratched DVD discs, be them home-made or store-bought, into easy-to-manage new digital files. At the same time, Digiarty has already prepared unlimited 6-month full license codes of its flagship WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - the strongest tool to digitize old DVDs and also new discs including those encoded with 99 titles.

Mann-Kendal Trend Analysis Software

ESdat Environmental Data Management Software is used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of Environmental Data as Exceedance Tables, Graphs, Maps, and statistics. ESdat includes modules to calculate Mann Kendall Trend Analysis and Linear Regression Analysis on your dataset.

Magazine Publishers Lauded AnyFlip as Today's Trendiest Online Magazine Software

LogoA prestigious gathering of writers and editors from top-rated magazine publishing companies in Southeast Asia took place this final week of July as part of their Annual Editors Convention. One of the event's highlights was the appreciation of the group to Chief Designer of AnyFlip, Anna Lee. They awarded AnyFlip and its management for its efforts to create a trendy and accessible online magazine software.

The Newly Released Leawo iTransfer Win Successfully Solved Unexpected Quit, Program Crash Problems and Fixed File Transfer Failures

LogoThe fresh and enhanced Leawo iTransfer Win was released by Leawo Software. The previous version Leawo iTransfer V2.0.0.0 had been reported by a group of customers to have some serious problems that resulted in poor usability. To guarantee the normal use of this program, the R&D team of Leawo started to work on software upgrade several months ago. And now the upgraded version has finally come out.

OCSICO, a Software Development Company Was Named Among the TOP B2B Company's in Eastern Europe by Clutch (Research, Ratings, and Reviews Agency from Washington, DC)

LogoOCSICO was acknowledged by Clutch (a research, ratings, and reviews company) as one of the most highly recommended software development companies in Eastern Europe.

Emergent Links Arms with NoticeConnect to Limit Executor Liability for Estate Debt

LogoEmergent announces their new partnership with NoticeConnect to help executors advertise for creditors affordably. In the past, executors had been required to post a newspaper ad that gives creditors a 30-day window to make unpaid debts known to the estate. Too often, however, executors would run the risk of being liable for the deceased's bills simply because of the exorbitant cost of running an ad. But, a new day has dawned. Now, by leveraging the power of the Internet, NoticeConnect uses Google and social media to publish a Notice to Creditors. Officially recognized by the Ontario Superior Court as a viable replacement for expensive newspaper ads, the convenient option has a threefold advantage. It not only reduces costs considerably, but it also comes with a further discount for Emergent customers thanks to its integration into the company's Estate Administration software program.

AnyFlip Tagged as the Most Engaging Page Turning Software Available Online

LogoAnyFlip has turned out to be the most engaging page turning software today because of its dedication to making the online reading system to become simpler, more productive and effective for a wide array of internet users. Ever since this page turning software has been launched, the company has already gained a totality of thousands of hits and likes from social media, blogs and product reviews. With such amount of gain, the company generously gave back to the public through their initiative of expanding every AnyFlip package availed by its users, from Free to Enterprise level.

Emergent Enhances Estate Planning & Vault Manager Precedents with STEP Member, Karon Bales

LogoAdding her expertise in the field of wills and estates, the distinguished Karon Bales joins Emergent as a content contributor for their software program. With good news for Ontario practitioners, Bales has partnered with Emergent to share her precedents as a feature of the Estate Planning & Vault Manager's Annual Subscription.

New Precedent Content for Emergent Estate Planning & Vault Manager Tailored to Suit Albertan Clientele

LogoEmergent announces the launch of expertly revised precedents for clients in Alberta from STEP member, Karon Bales. The document creation and file management software company has joined forces with one of Calgary's most affluent estate planning services to bring this new feature to Albertans. To do so, MacMillan Estate Planning has reviewed each one of Bales' precedents recently launched for Ontario-based clients. Their strategic modifications have made the skillfully drawn precedents applicable to the laws of Alberta. At the ready for high-caliber precedent content accessible for free through an annual subscription, Emergent Estate Planning & Vault Manager brings a new resource to the fore.

ExistBI to Implement New Tableau Training for Dropbox

LogoExistBI have been selected by Dropbox, the leading online file hosting service to deliver advanced Tableau training. Dropbox require the Tableau platform to manage, interpret and report on the vasts amount of data they generate. Dropbox requested an intermediate to advanced training program with extensive hands-on activities to re-enforce the skills and knowledge attained.

Mobirise Website Builder Now Allows Conveniently to Publish Websites Online

Mobirise, a European company that produced a well-known free website builder, recently released a new version of their software with an additional website publishing option.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner V2.4.2.0 Released with Optimized Bug Report and Music Info Retrieval Performance

LogoLeawo Software newly released the latest edition of Tunes Cleaner. The previous edition Tunes Cleaner V2.4.1.0 had been reported by users and the customer service team to have some problems in bug reporting. Also, the music info automatic completion service which had been supported by a third party company was about to expire. Hence, the product managers, together with the technical staffs started the upgrading plan several months ago.

DB CyberTech Appoints Industry Veteran Richard Drewelow as Vice President, Sales for EMEA

LogoDB CyberTech, a pioneer in machine learning based predictive data loss prevention, today announced the appointment of Richard Drewelow to Vice President, Sales for EMEA. The new addition to the senior team strengthens DB CyberTech's global sales reach.

Liquid Data Systems' Clients Offer Positive Feedback on Company's Cloud Solutions and Services

At Liquid Data Systems, the priority is to help clients get the proper cloud management service and solution they need. The company provides premier services that include cloud storage solutions, onboarding and migration services, data assessment services, and more. Customers who have worked with Liquid Data Systems have recently released their own positive feedback as well.

Niolabs' Autonomous Vineyard to Be Featured at Google Cloud's Next 2018 Conference

LogoNiolabs, a pioneer of distributed computing software to serve the explosive Internet of Things (IoT) market, announced that co-founder and CEO Doug Standley has been invited to present on stage at Google Cloud's Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, CA. The presentation, titled "Finding the ROI in IoT," will explore a methodology to define ROI for IoT opportunities while showcasing a specific example of niolabs' work in precision agriculture.

FlipHTML5 Releases an Ideal Online eBook Creator for eBook Creation

LogoDuring the last couple of months, FlipHTML5 has gained massive popularity thanks to a couple of new services offered by the application. Now, FlipHTML5 is proud to announce the release of their newest future, the online eBook creator.

AnyFlip Launches a Free Online Brochure Maker with Tutorials for Beginners

LogoIt was early this month when AnyFlip, a free online brochure maker, launched its first online tutorial for beginners. This came as a surprise for digital brochure publishers who had been using AnyFlip. This is because most of them already think that this brochure maker is easy and convenient to use. Thus, a tutorial might no longer be necessary. However, when the tutorial sessions and materials were made available, users were able to discover more about the software's capacity to produce effective brochures. There is no doubt why many layout artists for brochures were hooked on AnyFlip's information campaign as they followed through all the tutorial sessions that the company has made available to their users for free.

AnyFlip Makes It Easy to Convert PDF to Flipbook Anywhere, Anytime

LogoAnyFlip has come up with a very smart technological tool where users can convert PDF to flipbook. As a premier digital publishing tool online, users can directly upload a PDF file and publish it online. A crucial aspect of spending a fortune on designing and creating marketing content is to reach out. But in the times of smartphones and devices, the market has become wider. So reaching out to every corner of the world is possible.

AnyFlip Releases a Flip Book Maker for Mac to Make the Process of Book Making Easier

LogoThe application of flip book maker for Mac as the number one book making companion makes the process of book making easier. The software has a modern HTML5 technology which is compatible with all Mac devices. The digital flip books made are interactive, viewable and readily available to all readers and customers. With this tool, brand building and strengthening are made easier.

FlipHTML5 Launches an Online Flyer Maker for Marketers

LogoFlipHTML5 has announced the launch of an online flyer maker with the aim of helping users create appealing flyers for free.

InfoCaptor Web Based App Launched

InfoCaptor, a web based Dashboard Software that works on several platforms has made it possible for users to gain vital business intelligence with ease.

Free Kpi Performance Analysis Service for Credit Unions Launched

LogoFlowTracker Analytics Inc. announced today a free Key Performance Indicator (KPI) peer comparison service for U.S. Credit Unions. The online business intelligence reporting service enables Credit Unions to analyze their own performance and compare with peers and competitors.

AnyFlip Hailed Number 1 Flipbook Maker of the Season

LogoEarning the first rank as a flipbook maker has overwhelmed the management and creator of AnyFlip. During the recent survey conducted by an independent market research agency, the poll showed that AnyFlip is the most preferred flipbook maker by most graphic designers today, both amateurs and professionals in the field. The survey took a population of graphic designers, who are actively publishing books and reading materials online. The market research agency came up with a comprehensive questionnaire, the result showed that 63% of the respondents prefer to use AnyFlip than the other three flipbook makers on the list. Moreover, the agency has identified the product's price, ease of operation and configuration and the file upload size allowance as the top reasons why AnyFlip appears to be attractive to many graphic designers.

AnyFlip Brings a Simple Brochure Maker to Beginners

LogoRecently AnyFlip has launched a brochure maker for making a digital brochure. As we all know that digital brochure is much more attractive, efficient and economical than the printed brochure. But for beginners, it's little difficult to create a digital brochure. But with the help of this unique and advanced software it's very easy even for a beginner to create a digital brochure edition.

Users Can Tell Their Brand Stories Using Free Digital Publishing Platform from AnyFlip

LogoAnyFlip provides users a free digital publishing platform that comes with different tools and templates helping the users format their book even before publishing. With this free digital publishing platform, users can edit their book and get amazing services that are meant to make the story attractive.