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Get Tunes Cleaner at a 40%-off Discount to Fresh Old iTunes Library in 2018 Summer Special Sales

LogoLeawo Software kicked off the 2018 Summer Giveaway & Specials Campaign. Leawo iTransfer and DVD Ripper license codes are sent for totally free as long as customers share this event via personal Facebook account. The best iTunes music library cleaner-Tunes Cleaner enjoys big discounts this time, and there are two ways to get the special prices. What should be noted is that the discounts are different while adopting different purchasing methods.

Leawo iTransfer Summer Season Giveaway of 2018 Has Started Online by Leawo Software on May 23

LogoLeawo Software started the 2018 Summer Giveaway & Specials Campaign. The gifts of this giveaway are Leawo iTransfer and DVD Ripper. Everyone could choose to get one of them or both of them after sharing SNS. Except for giveaways, Leawo also prepares 4 pack selections for customers to pick. Besides, the other products all enjoy 30% off discount.

Music Recorder Together with iTransfer and Tunes Cleaner in Pack Enjoys 40% Discount in Leawo's 2018 Summer Promotion Sales

LogoLeawo Software launched the giveaway and specials offer in summer 2018. Different from the giveaways of the past, Leawo specially gives two software programs out for free this time. One is Leawo iTransfer and the other one is DVD Ripper. As long as customers share this event to Facebook on Leawo's promotion page, both of them could be easily accessed. Besides, Leawo also picks out some most practical utilities to divide into four packs. All the packs enjoy high discounts from 30% to 40%. And finally there is a 30%-off site-wide coupon code which could be used to buy all the other products on

Mobirise Shocked Its Users with New Website Builder's AMP Page Templates

Mobirise, a popular AMP Page Builder development company, lately released more AMP themes for their website builder software.

Acquire a Coherent, Accurate, and Holistic View of a Customer with Single Customer View from Market Developer

Boutique Marketing Data Specialists, Market Developer offers a 360-degree single customer view which provides a coherent, accurate, and holistic view of a customer across numerous business channels. The upheaval of big data & automated marketing has led to difficulties for organizations to connect with their customers. Despite these hurdles, however, Market Developer possesses a genuine & coherent understanding of the needs & requirements of customers. Not only this, acquiring a powerful single customer view also helps in generating a new customer base and this creates the motivation to place the individual at the center of its Marketing Database.

Public Training Courses from SunAccounts, Enabling Customers in Deriving Maximum Benefit of SunSystems

LogoOne of the UK's leading providers of the state-of-the-art SunSystems accounting software, SunAccounts offers public training courses to enable individuals to get the maximum benefit possible from SunSystems. SunAccounts acknowledges the importance of investing in training as it equips the individuals with thorough information and knowledge regarding the working of SunSystems. These training courses are also a vital factor in estimating the success and upcoming benefits of the SunSystems. Thus, they impart both standard and custom training courses which are delivered at their central London offices or at the offices of the customers. Their training module is divided into four courses namely SunSystems Financials, Q&A (Vision), SunSystems Administration, and lastly Business Rules and Transfer Desk.

FlipHTML5 Launches a Free eBook Publisher for Independent Publishers

LogoFlipHTML5 has launched a free eBook publisher that is designed for independent publishers to easily create digital and print outlooks using HTML5 and CSS3 technology, with the added ability to use multimedia within eBook projects.

Computer Solutions East, Inc. Partners with Cover Compliance, LLC

LogoComputer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) partners with Cover Compliance, a company that brings cost-effective compliance program support for smaller enterprises.

FlipHTML5 Page Flip PDF Turns Social Media Accounts Into Compelling Ones

LogoKnowing how FlipHTML5 can efficiently convert PDF files into flipbook formats is just merely seeing the tip of the iceberg. The truth of the matter is, this Page Flip PDF has been designed and created for various purposes. One of which is to offer the social media users with the capacity to boost their respective social media accounts.

People Now Can Create Their Own First Magazine with FlipHTML5 Digital Magazine Software

LogoToday, FlipHTML5 has announced digital magazine software, completely a new solution to the digital publishing world. The announcement of digital magazine software has entirely changed the publishing of online magazines. Digital magazine software has many advantages that lack in any other software that works similar to it.

DPSI VP of Technology Receives Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award

LogoTrevor Miller, Vice President of Technology for DPSI, a computerized maintenance management software company, was recently recognized by the Canadian government for his volunteer work in emergency management. He is one of the first Canadians to receive the Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award, a prestigious recognition for exceptional service and achievement.

Easily Restore iPhone Data with Powerful iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery Software

iBeesoft Software, the award-winning data recovery software developer, releases iPhone Data Recovery 2.0 to help iPhone users easily recover deleted or lost iOS data. This powerful iPhone data recovery software also allows iOS users to recover lost data from iPad and iPod touch. It is also the best iOS data recovery software.

International Salesforce Team Expansion

LogoExist Management LLC (ExistBI) is excited to announce the acquisition of an experienced Certified Salesforce Consulting and Support team. This is an excellent addition to the growing ExistBI digital transformation workforce. ExistBI staff are all Certified and now provide unparalleled CRM training, consulting, development and support services to customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

Tellus Sponsors First-of-Its-Kind National Conversation on Electronic Visit Verification

LogoTellus, LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solutions, is sponsoring an EVV Summit, titled eVVolution, May 30-June 1, 2019, at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort in Deerfield Beach, FL. The event is expected to draw more than 130 attendees representing some 70 organizations.

Get Leawo's Famous Blu-Ray Ripper at a 30%-off Discount to Enjoy Unlimited Blu-Ray Movie Playback on Mobile Handsets in Summer

LogoLeawo Software kicked off its 2018 Summer sale on May 10th and Leawo's featured Blu-ray Ripper is currently being sold with a 30% discount. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is an advanced Blu-ray processing tool that is capable of converting Blu-ray to common videos for unlimited playback on PC or mobile devices without needing a Blu-ray Player. And users can now get this all-around Blu-ray converter at 30% discount using the 30%-off sitewide coupon offered in this sales activity. This summer sale of Leawo's will last for about two month to July 20th.

Leawo's 2018 Summer Sales with iTransfer & DVD Ripper Giveaways and Up to 50% off Special Offers Is in Full Swing

LogoLeawo Software, a leading multi-media solution provider, kicked off its 2018 Summer Giveaways & up to 50% off Special Offers. During this seasonal sales, the company is providing a tremendous discount for a full range of products available on its official website. One of the best featured deals is the 50%-off Leawo All-in-One Bundle, which includes Prof. Media, TunesCopy and iTransfer. Prof. Media itself is an 8-in-1 multimedia solution bundle that has 40% discount of a single purchase. More 40%-off offers include All-in-One iOS Manager and iTunes Toolkit. Furthermore, participant can get 30% off on any sitewide purchase. Besides these amazing deals, Leawo is providing an easy-to-win gift opportunity, gift choices include an iTransfer and a DVD Ripper. All these special offers will be available for 2 months until this July 20th.

FlipHTML5 Paves the Way for Better Conversion of PDF to Flipbook

LogoA digital flipbook is the new thing these days. There are plenty of flipbook creating software available in the marketplace. However, none that is as good as the FlipHTML5. This software offers a complete package for easily and quickly converting PDF to flipbook. What's more, the flipbook can be viewed in all kinds of browsers and devices.

Leawo Rolled out Its 2018 Summer Sale and Is Giving Its DVD Ripper Away

LogoLeawo Software is a leading multimedia software developer that develops and sells top-notch multimedia processing software. Recently the company rolled out the 2018 Summer Sale with a series of special offers. One of them is the Leawo DVD Ripper, which is currently featured as a giveaway in this sales promotion. It's an all-around DVD movie converter that converts movies and videos in DVD disc to ordinary video files for unlimited playback on PCs and mobile handsets. This 2018 Summer Sale will last for about two months until July, 20th, 2018.

Announcing the Solartis Insure Microservice Hackathon

LogoSolartis is pleased to announce the kickoff of its Insurance Microservice Hackathon at the IASA Conference. The Hackathon starts at 8 am on Monday, June 4th 2018 and will be open until 5 pm on Friday, June 22nd, 2018. We invite software developers to submit entries using our microservices to create a workflow that provides meaningful value in the insurance value chain. Solartis will be awarding a total of $11,500 in prizes for the winning entries.

PatrolScan: Offering Up State-of-the-Art Security Equipment Since 2005

LogoWhen it comes to keeping property or company safe for its visitors, having a reliable team of security guards is essential. On top of that, making sure a team of security guards is prepared and equipped to handle any kind of emergency is just as important. PatrolScan, a leading provider of guard tour patrol systems, has helped keep businesses and properties safe for years.

macXvideo Released! The Next-Gen UHD Video Tool to Process 4K Easier and Faster Than Ever

LogoMacXDVD Software, a global leader of the multimedia solution, today announced the official release of macXvideo, the first free video processing tool specially designed for 4K and other UHD videos. This program offers a new way to edit, resize, compress and transcode 4K videos with unprecedented simplicity and speed. In just clicks, even the most novice users can process 4K videos like a pro.

FlipHTML5 Is a Good Option for Digital Magazine Publishing in Today's World

LogoLocally owned Wonder Idea Technology Co., Ltd. has a full-service digital magazine publishing platform online called What can do is to take the power of magazine and make it available to millions of readers that are everywhere in location around the globe. What is extraordinary about is clear. It is straightforward to build a magazine and share it with others in no time flat.

MacX MediaTrans Leads iPhone Manager Industry with Highest Level of Encryption for Photos and Videos

LogoMacX MediaTrans today made a tremendous progress with encryption built at its core, a major leap forward in data security for iOS users. In the update, unbreakable techs AES and RSA are leveraged to encrypt iPhone photos and videos. These media files are manipulated into indecipherable formats, in such a way to solidify they from any thieves, hackers or brute force attackers.

Use the Power of BlindsBook as a Mini Solution

LogoWhile BlindsBook is intended to be complete management system with tools for all aspects of creating orders and managing your customers, it can also provide fabricators a "mini solution" for use in their factory as another option for those not yet ready to upgrade to the full suite. For example, remnants controls is one of these mini solutions that do not require an ongoing subscription and can be purchased for a one time fee, allowing the business to own and use it as they wish on their own systems. Remnants control is a powerful solution that creates less waste by preventing leftover fabric 'cutouts'. We will explore the importance of remnants control in the next blog.

Landfill Environmental Monitoring and Management

The Eurofins Field Services Groundwater team conducts compliance monitoring on behalf of various Victorian Landfill operators. New analytical results from the Eurofins lab and secondary labs were combined into spreadsheets containing continuous and historical data on behalf of the landfill operators. This was a time consuming, labour intensive process. Uncontrolled, 'hand-­?me-­?down' spreadsheets can also introduce or hide critical errors.