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Leawo Added Photo Slideshow Maker and Burner Into New Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

LogoAs a leading multimedia solution developer and provider, Leawo has been concentrating on providing user-friendly solutions and services. To deliver more services for Mac users in making full use of photos, Leawo officially upgraded Video Converter Ultimate for Mac by adding new functions: Photo Slideshow Maker and Photo Slideshow Burner. These 2 new functions could help Mac users easily create photo slideshows and then convert photo slideshows or burn photo slideshow to Blu-ray/DVD in clicks.

Anand Systems Upgrades Their Hotel Management Software to Include New Features

Managing a hotel can be an overwhelming task without the proper tools. With so many different systems in action at any one time, even a minor slip can have a major knock on effect and chaos can quickly ensue. That's why so many hotels trust Anand Systems to provide a single, all-in-one solution. Their popular hotel management software is used by over 3,700 hotels and motels in the US and Canada alone, with more than 1,500 establishments using it overseas. The new version has just been released, and plans to become the new industry standard almost overnight.

Webinar Jam Studio Bonus Announces New Version of Webinar Software to Include Seven New Features

Webinars are a great way for individuals to make sales via the internet while simultaneously sharing knowledge and giving value. Individuals can help others with a diverse array of life strategies before leading them toward products that will help them enact those strategies. Webinar Jam Studio is one of the most popular platforms for webinar hosting. They have just announced a new version of the software to be released on April 1st, which will have no less than seven new engagement-maximizing features.

Payroll Software ezPaycheck 2015 Enhanced Tax Reporting Feature

LogoMany small business employers relies on ezPaycheck payroll software from to issue employees paychecks on time and accurately. In response to customers' requests, 2015 edition of ezPaycheck was enhanced with new report feature to make it easy for employers to file tax forms and deposit federal income tax payments.

Paper Free Billing Updates Free Invoicing Software to Provide Seamless Mobile and Tablet Experience

The wonder of modern technology is that more and more things in our daily life are disappearing, existing only in digital form. Money is now mostly numbers on a screen, and paperwork is a thing of the past. Despite these facts, invoicing and billing still largely comes with an excess of paper. Paper Free Billing offers a 21st century alternative ideal for small businesses, freelancers and independent contractors. Paper Free Billing has just completely redesigned their website and software to provide a more intuitive experience that is equally seamless on all devices.

Khaos Control Offers a Free Demo of Their Inventory Management Software

According to the Houston Chronicle, warehouse inventory issues plague companies of every size. For some, inaccurate quantities affect their ordering tasks, yet others find the problem lies in product identification. Regardless of where the problem lies, companies need to determine the root cause to minimize or eliminate the problem completely. The inventory management system offered through Khaos Control helps with this, and a free demo is currently being offered so companies can see how use of the system will be of benefit to them.

Flexispy Software Now Enhances the Usefulness of Android and iOS

Flexispy increases the utility of smart phones by adding to them spying features and monitoring systems. The Flexyspy software is installable into various devices, pretty much all the devices that are powered by Android or iOS. The software is very covert and does not announce its presence. All the user has to do is to take the targeted device and get the software installed in it. Whoever uses the device afterwards is unaware of the presence of software and comes under the radar.

New ezAccounting Business Software Offers Flexible Non Payment Invoice Feature developers have recently released EzAccounting software for small to mid sized businesses. Customer's can process bookkeeping, payroll, purchase orders, receipts, or generate reports and print tax forms. The 2015 version of ezAccounting software also accommodates non invoice payments per customer requests.

4PSA Showcases Next-Generation Communication & Collaboration at WorldHostingDays

Logo4PSA, a technology leader in cloud communications software, announced today its participation to the biggest hosting event in the world, WorldHostingDays 2015. The event takes place in Europa-Park, Germany on March 24-26.

Latest FlipHTML5 Flipbook Creator Features New and Improved Animation Editor

LogoNew and existing users of the FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform will now be able to enjoy greater animation and editing features with the launch of version 2.8.0 of the software. Users are set to benefit from an improved animation editor for both desktop and online publishing, along with other improvements.

Infocabs Has Built Next Generation Taxi Dispatch Software

In today's age majority of taxi companies relies on taxi dispatch software systems. Some have been using dispatch systems for more than 15 years. Companies that use these systems are finding that these systems are adding efficiency and saving time and cost for both customer, drivers ultimately the Taxi Company themselves. These companies have realised what an important part these systems play to expand business and grow revenue.

Playing AVI Movie Video Files on Mac Has Never Been Easier

LogoDearMob, focusing on iOS and Android mobile software development, introduces a free Mac AVI player titled 5KPlayer to play AVI movies videos in various codecs and resolutions on any Mac computers without installing third-party codecs or video file format converting.

FlipHTML5 Reveals Benefits That the Flipbook Software Brings to Modern Business

LogoThe explosion of online usage and global participation has created the opportunity for publishers and marketing specialists to supply 24 hour a day access to their content and service. Hardware technology and the shift from PCs to tablets and mobile devices have broken down the last barrier between provider and consumer as individuals can now access information and content from anywhere at any time. Digital publishers and content creators have sprung forward to adapt their presentation to meet the use and expectation of readers. FLIPHTML5, developer of flipbook software, is on the forefront of the eBook revolution, leading businesses to full functionality of the Internet and how content can be accessed.

Flexispy Helps in Finding out if One Is Married to a Cheating Spouse

Everyone has experienced that nagging feeling in their marriage where they just know that their spouse is cheating on them but they simply cannot hold a confrontation because they do not have any evidence. Fortunately, one can employ the services of a Private Investigator to either catch their spouse in the act or to collect hard evidence. However, the services of a P.I. costs thousands of dollars – something ordinary citizens simply cannot afford. Therefore, they are left to simply ponder and worry about their marriage – until FlexiSpy. Technology found the cheap alternate to a P.I. through this software that people can go for. Launches to Deliver Top Coupons to Consumers and Businesses

Software Promotions LLC, the largest provider of coupons and discounts for the software marketplace has just announced their newest software venture,, a promo code Website that enables consumers, entrepreneurs and business to purchase some of the top, most in-demand software products currently available.

City & Guilds Group Adopts UNIT4 Cloud ERP Solutions to Support Growth Across All Divisions

City and Guilds Group invested in UNIT4 Agresso ERP Cloud software to empower it's staff across four divisions - City & Guilds UK, City & Guilds International, City & Guilds Kineo and ILM (the Institute of Leadership & Management).

Latest Flip Book Maker by FlipHTML5 Introduces Innovative Managing of PDF Documents

LogoFlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd, based In Hong Kong, is the pioneer in developing digital publishing software. As proud developers of a range of e-publishing software, FlipHTML5 offers customized solutions for both self-regulating and corporate publishers. FlipHTML5's, HTML5 based flip book maker emerged with basic features a few years ago and gained rapid progress in technology and form over the years. Currently FlipHTML5 flip book maker has turned out to be the trend of future digital flipbook software.

Leawo iPhone Data Recovery Software Helps to Back Up Easter Photos to Computer

LogoThe multiple Leawo iPhone data recovery software, Leawo iOS Data Recovery, will help users to back up their Easter photos from iOS devices to computer. Leawo iOS Data Recovery, a program which is used for recovering deleted files from iOS devices, also enables users to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod touch files to computer with no efforts.

4PSA Joins Dell Technology Partner Program

Logo4PSA, a technology leader in cloud communications software, today announced it has become a certified technology partner in Dell's Technology Partner Program. By certifying VoipNow on Dell PowerEdge servers, including the Dell PowerEdge R630, R730 and the PowerEdge FX2 with FC630 compute nodes, 4PSA helps service providers deliver stable and efficient business communication services to their customers.

Easy to Use Page Flip PDF Software Was Launched by FlipHTML5

LogoWith the ever-dynamic boon of social media it has become imperative to challenge the competition head-on and therefore requires complete market penetration. In order for the business to flourish off-line, it is important to grab the market online and content comes to the rescue at this point. Companies and businesses are always in the process of upgrading their website using PDF documents, such as reports, newsletters, or other data.

Logistics Insight Asia Profiles Ultriva Founder About a Smarter Supply Chain

LogoUltriva Inc., a provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, was recently featured in Logistics Insight Asia. Narayan Laksham, founder and CEO of Ultriva shared, "When Supply Chain initiatives are undertaken, and they usually involve improving the forecast. However, MRP and ERP systems are data intensive and require timely and stable sales." Not much has changed with supply chain management in the last two decades. MRP and ERP forecasts still rule the roost.

1099 Form Filing Made Easy with Form Level Help Buttons and E-File Instructions Inside Ez1099 Software

LogoFiling 1099 forms online electronically is easy and quickly with ez1099 software. ez1099 software can generate the efile document that customers can upload to IRS site with a few clicks. Developers at have recently added new form level help buttons and e-file instructions for ez1099 software.

FlipHTML5 Announced Upgraded PDF to Flipbook Service

LogoIt has long been the case that larger companies are able to offer a better customer experience due to having more money at their disposal for overhead expenses. Large firms tend to have better websites, better interactive capacity on their websites, and more of a usable web product because they have the ability to employ a web design or development team. Having an interactive eBook or multimedia catalog would have been impossible for a startup company not that long ago. Companies like FlipHMTL5 now provide a world class PDF to flipbook digital publishing platform that will enable the entrepreneur and fledgling author to produce products comparative to the titans like Amazon dot com.

Experts Talk About the Benefits of K-12 Software Solutions

As the leading provider of software that is geared toward solutions for school districts and their students across the US Data Business Systems school management software and services helps districts with online payment, cafeteria POS, face-to-face payments, lunch status applications, and several more facets of running a school so that educating the children remains the prime focus.

The 2-20 Family of Companies Names an East and West Division Regional Vice President

As a company dedicated to the success of its employees and promoting from within, the 2-20 Family of Companies is proud to announce the promotion of Paul J. Martin to Regional Vice President, Operations Eastern Division and George Martinez to Regional Vice President, Operations Western Region. The 2-20 Family of Companies provides leading medical records storage throughout NJ, and are also widely considered to be one of the most reliable and secure records management companies for NJ, NY, PA and all of the surrounding states and regions.