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Did You Enjoy Your CRM Deployment?

What happens when you mix Slack with your email, your contacts, MailChimp and Wordpress? You have a homemade customer relationship management system built on IDEA2's platform.

JobLogic Announces a New Pricing Plan for Clients Using a Cloud Solution

JobLogic announces a pay per user cloud solution starting at only £20 a month per user. Companies making use of the software find they are able to bring jobs, purchases and quotes together in one easy to use system. The system connects mobile engineers, customers and the back office together, increasing productivity, reducing costs and ensuring compliance.

New Survey Puts FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform on Top of Publishers' Preference List

LogoA recent survey about the digital publishers' behavior and their preference in using digital publishing solutions of different companies reveals a lot of interesting facts. While the stats and revelations in the survey are quite resourceful for the service providers as well as for the software designers, a concise picture emerging here showcases FlipHTML5 as the most preferred digital publishing solution for publishers.

KHAOS Control Publishes New Information Concerning Inventory Control Benefits

Inventory control remains of great importance to businesses, as a business must have sufficient goods to meet the needs of its clients. What many fail to realize, however, is inventory control is also of importance as the goods may be used as a hedge against inflation and future price increases. In addition, companies often find they receive a discount when they purchase in bulk, and many businesses choose to buy in this manner to save money. The key lies in finding the right balance between just enough inventory and too much or too little.

FlipHTML5's New Version, 4.4.0, Is More Than Just a Creation Tool

LogoFlipHTML5, the digital multimedia creator software program, has just been upgraded to the 4.4.0 version. This new upgrade makes the free magazine maker for self-publishing more accessible and engaging than ever. Now, instead of just creating these media-rich documents, users can also publish these documents through an entire publishing cycle.

GPSWOX Emerges as Preferred Global GPS Tracking Solutions

LogoGPSWOX has become the most sought after GPS tracking solutions for both personal and business use. According to the experts, the most important reasons behind the same include all and effective features, reasonable prices and best support.

Sentient Science Begins Delivery of DigitalClone Life Extension Software to 7675 GE Wind Turbine Gearboxes Across 13 U.S. Wind Operators

LogoSentient Science today announced immediate availability of its flagship DigitalClone Live (DCL) Software as a Service (SaaS) for both owner/operators of GE wind turbines and component suppliers of the GE gearboxes. The software will be provided worldwide in conjunction with a series of 13 customer installations throughout North America with a combined GE 1.5 fleet of 7675 gearboxes. After providing over $20 million in value to customers of its DigitalClone Live for Clipper wind turbines, the launch of DigitalClone Live for GE wind turbine owners and suppliers will address the largest portion of the U.S. installed wind turbine fleet. The GE wind turbine is installed with gearboxes from a series of OEM suppliers and Sentient will deliver lifing solutions across the gearbox variations.

FlipHTML5 Brings Readability and Interactivity to Digital Newspaper

LogoFlipHTML5 is a versatile online digital publishing platform, using drop and drag technology in order to quickly and effortlessly design and create flip page publications. FlipHTML5 is used by many users from different fields like that of online journals. Due to its readability and interactivity it can make for an innovative online newspaper publishing platform and online magazine. More interactive features of online newspaper maker are also revealed in a new blog post by the company.

EaseUS Partition Master Works as a Disk Space Manager on Windows 10

LogoWith over 10 year research and developing experience, EaseUS Software (, an international provider of professional storage management solution, has greatly enhanced features of Partition Master with Windows 10 supported. Reasonable disk partition reorganization can be completed in a few steps, no matter for home & home office or for business. EaseUS Partition Master specializes in creating, deleting, shrinking, resizing/moving, merging and splitting partition on HDDs. Except for overwhelming basic functions, it has been put in the global spotlight for unique additional features.

FlipHTML5's Flipbook Software Touches Peak of Popularity with 4 Million Downloads

LogoRecent statistics might have had positive clues in favor of the use of digital publishing, but having a look at the download figures of FlipHTML5's flipbook software, a different story reveals. It appears that the company is all up to set new records in the popularity of digital publishing as its flipbook software free download figures recently scaled to a whopping 4 million.

GlobalShareware Offers Best Solutions to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 6

LogoGlobalSareware is pleased to announce that the software provided by the company allows for the recovery of deleted photos from iPhone 6. The iPhone data recovery software works easily and effectively to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone 6. Images can be accidently deleted for many reasons. When the data is missing, users no longer have to accept the disruption and hassle of a forever loss.

Leawo Music Recorder Mac App Store Version Updated with Japanese and German Support Plus a 50% Discount to Come

LogoLeawo Software - a software developing company that specializes in multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and conversions of iOS devices - officially updated its Leawo Music Recorder Mac App Store version to 1.1.8. This version of Leawo Music Recorder added support of the Japanese and German languages,and music editing function by right-clicking in the recording interface.And there will be a discount of 50% on it. The discount time lasts from August 3 to August 9.

FlipHTML5 Magazine Publishing Software Enhances Publications in Mobile Mode

LogoThe leading digital publishing platform FlipHTML5 has launched its additional value which is the version 4.3.0 added enhancement to digital magazine in mobile mode. The latest improvement is believed to promise greater reading experience for mobile readers and, of course, introduces more benefits to digital magazine publishers. The mobile magazine publishing software is also introduced on BlogSpot by bloggers.

Netkiller Unveils Essential Tools for Google Apps Clients

Netkiller has launched a whole range of services and software solutions that can tick the right boxes for businesses that can carry out different activities on the cloud with global accessibility.

New FlipHTML5 Version 4.3.0 Introduced with Powerful Animation and Page Editors

LogoThe upgraded version 4.3.0 of the top-notch digital publishing flipbook software, FlipHTML5 comes with an increased performance of the Animation Editor and Page Editor. These features enable online publishers to create rich media PDF to flipbooks with minimum effort.

FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform Is Capable of Creating an Ebook Store

LogoFlipHTML5 is user-friendly digital publishing platform that is used to transform all sorts of documents into a publication of digital style or it can be used to create an e-book. It is recommended as the best digital publishing platform by BlogSpot and by the majority of the users. The professional software can create the publication in great perfection and in an innovative way. Now it can be used on desktop computers and created flipbook can be open on iPad, iPhone and tablet or Android. It provides the great convenience to the client for their publication work regarding magazines, newspapers and other types of content.

Pangeanic CEO Invited to Speak at TC Conference 2015 in Kyoto, Japan in October

Professional translation services for specific documents should always be left to a translator with knowledge of the field the document has been created within, whether that be business, technical, industrial or even medical. However, online content is proliferating at a rate no translation service can keep up with, and no business has the budget for. As such, online translation software has found its market, but is far from perfect. Pangeanic, a company of expert translators of over a hundred language combinations, has developed the very latest in automated translation technology, and will introduce the product at the TC conference in Kyoto this October.

BlackFiles Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Development Funds

LogoBlackFiles is a personal data management system that allows users to keep all of their sensitive information like documents, passwords, contacts, pictures, videos, TV records, music files, internet broadcast stations and events in one secure location. The data are organized in pre-installed folders and forms in order to minimize the workload.

Ezee Rank Tracker Releases Major Updates

The business world needs constant updates. Being stagnant in the business can be disastrous for the survival of the business. Gone are the days when the purchasing power was in the hands of the manufacturers. Today, the customers have become more and more demanding. Thus, the suppliers have be on toes to fulfill their demands. The CEO of Agarwal InnoSoft Pvt Ltd says "A lot of market research is being carried out before we release any new feature. We understand the consumer needs and keep updating the software to benefit our users. This is why we have been the industry rulers in terms of tracking the web ranks."

ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 Available to Speed Up the Design Process

LogoZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, today announced the release of  ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1, an updated version to its architecture specified product featuring with many exciting wall, door and window related enhancements and fixed bugs.The availability of new ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 will largely speed up the design process as well as efficiency.

FlipHTML5 Helps Publisher Increase Sales by Offering Ecommerce Solution

LogoFlipHTML5 has been known to be a market leader in digital marketing software, in the past year the company announced that it has introduced the ecommerce solution, the online brochures maker which would enable its online merchants to boost and increase more sales with digital flipping catalogues effectively with less hustle. People can even learn more details about how to use online brochures maker to grow business from their recent blog post.

YAC, the World's Fastest and Lightest PC Cleaner on Its Way to Making History

With technology taking over the world, hackers are getting close access to information that is invaluable. The same technology that is helping us lead the way towards the future is the same that is exposing all of us to this huge threat. While there are anti malware programs and virus protection suits that PC users can install and work with to ward off such threats, these programs don't even come close to meeting their goal because of the fact that the number of viruses created every day is in upwards of 1 million.

Creators of Long Tail Pro Release Version 3.0 with New Features

LogoSince 2011, Long Tail Pro has been the top keyword search software in the realm of SEO. Now Long Tail Pro version 3.0 is available with new features to enhance the keyword search and the user's ability to make money via niche markets, promote their business and blog, or any other internet-based financial activity that would benefit from Long Tail Pro's presence on the user's computer. It's one of the fastest keyword research software search in the business, surpassing Market Samurai.

Aplos Systems Publishes New Editorial on the Advantages of Small Bespoke Software Developers

In the 21st century business is evolving more rapidly than at any time in history, and businesses are diversifying their business practices at a staggering rate. Companies like Menlo use a completely analogue system and have attracted worldwide attention for trying to create a workplace focused on joy. Digital systems can help more traditional businesses increase efficiency, portability and enhance user experience and fulfillment. Software development company Aplos Systems is a highly regarded small bespoke software agency specializing in the development of these systems, and they have just published a new editorial explaining the advantages of using small software development.

E Instruments' BTU1500 Combustion Analyzer Now Has Auto Saving PC Software

LogoBucks County, PA-based E Instruments is a leading international supplier of combustion analyzers, indoor air quality monitors and calibrators. As a company that has an intense focus on quality and innovation, their professionals are always trying to find ways to make their products even more effective. In fact, the company is very eager to announce that their BTU1500 residential and commercial combustion analyzer now comes with auto saving PC software.