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Navistra, LLC Launches a New Innovative Software Product Called Geotrackz Dispatch and Tracking Application

Navistra, LLC launches a new innovative software product called Geotrackz Dispatch and Tracking Software. The company also provides cost effective custom software solutions that are creatively developed, designed and intended for logistics industry. In addition to this, they also execute and design powerful and easy to use software that is designed for freight industry. Apart from this, Navistra, LLC is considered as the first company to offer this level of technology in the medium they created.

Focusky Introduces a Free Video Presentation Maker

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd, the pioneer in digital presentation software launched their latest product "Free Video Presentation Maker". This software enables a presentation to be converted to a video in minutes.

Focusky Offers New Free Slideshow Software That Is Like No Other in Its Class is thrilled to announce the release of the professional presentation maker. This flash-based digital presentation software delivers a powerful visual experience that is unmatched. It offers amazing design capabilities, powerful editing solutions, and numerous feature options that will enable users to create great presentations and animated videos to convey their messages in a professional and unique way. This revolutionary free slideshow software has totally transformed the use and appearance of traditional slideshow programs, to give users a powerful solution to enhance their levels of productivity and efficiency. If businesses or individuals want a feature rich presentation that will take their presentation efforts to the next level, they won't need to look any further than the Focusky Presentation Maker.

Focusky Free Online Presentation Software Offers a Wide Range of Templates

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd, world's number one in digital presentation software owns a variety of high-end presentation software solutions. The Focusky free online presentation software being one of the key software of the company, offers users a vast selection of templates.

Users Experience Improved Performance by SuperCondensed Quickbooks Data Files

Quickbooks users reporting sluggish performance due to large file sizes – one company promotes regular file maintenance for optimal performance of the accounting system.

Full Proof Intelligence Announces Funding for New Cyber Protection Software

Full Proof Intelligence announces they have obtained funding for their new state of the art cyber protection software. Funding has been provided by a Chinese Billionaire and Russian Oligarch-as these individuals understand the importance of protecting one's information from cyber attacks. Hacking attacks continue to increase in frequency, and this Cyber Security software helps to protect against these invasions.

Data Recovery Software Coupons: Use Promo Codes or a Coupon Code for Discounts on Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery has been widely known as the most effective tool to use when the security of one when browsing the web is concerned. It is where a software program is used in households and businesses. This is highly suitable for PCs, Mac and mobile phones. Data Recovery is the best solution that can be used not just to recover those accidentally deleted documents, photos, emails, medial files and so on and so forth. This is also used by most people in trying to get back the lost data from media devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android smartphones and tablets. This is also suitable to use on recovering the lost files and data that were previously stored and saved on external storage devices such as HDD, USB, SD card and a lot more. This software has been made more affordable with the release of the Data Recovery Software Coupons over the web.

HR Virtuoso Company Is a Proud Sponsor of the TDn2K Summer Brand Camp

LogoHR Virtuoso is proud to announce that it is participating in two ways during the upcoming TDn2K Summer Brand Camp.

Wine and Spirits Expertise Leads to Acquisition Announcement by Bastian Solutions

Modern Materials Handling magazine announced on opening day of ProMat last month that Bastian Solutions, a leading systems integrator, acquired Forte Engineering, a software firm outside Chicago specializing in warehouse execution systems.

BridgeWorks, LLC Now Offering VDM QuickView Application Subscriptions

LogoUsers who prefer to have instant access to their database information can find satisfaction in the VDM QuickView application offered at BridgeWorks, LLC. The company specializes in providing a reporting and query tool for businesses that organizes information and produces professional, complete reports. The subscription allows industries to schedule their views to run anytime, build customized interactive dashboards, create advanced charts, find information promptly and more. BridgeWorks, LLC, is pleased to announce that their reporting tool subscription is available for purchase; companies are invited to sign up for a free trial of the application.

Digiarty Extends Its Support to Copy DVD Movies on Upcoming Windows 10

LogoDigiarty Software, an established DVD video software provider, is quick to post a major update to its first-class DVD backup software to enable users to copy DVD on Windows 10, the next Windows OS to be released by Microsoft soon. According to the announcement from Windows blog, Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. And users running Windows 7/8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, genuine or non-genuine, will get a free upgrade to Windows 10 within the first year after its release. Undoubtedly, Windows 10 will reach hundreds of millions of customers.

New Cloud-Based HR Software with Intuitive UI Boosts Selima's Growth

The popularity of Smartphones and tablets means ownership is expected to reach 43.4 million by 2017 in the UK.  This surge in popularity means the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become increasingly common in the workplace; which in turn has created a need for applications that will work across multiple all devices and browsers.

SoundCloud to MP3 Launches Online Software to Help People Download Their Favorite Tracks

SoundCloud is a hugely popular music service for both established and emerging artists, and provides unbeatable quality tracks for streaming playback. Those who want to listen to these tracks offline however have often had their choices severely limited. Many people have been searching for a SoundCloud downloader, but none of the current options offer reliability or good sound quality. SoundCloud To MP3 is a new online software that makes the process of listening to SoundCloud tracks offline as simple as a few clicks, with enhanced features unlike any program yet released.

Art of BI Software Releases Grounding Breaking Version of Collaborative BI, BITeamwork 3.0

Christian Screen discusses the features that have made BITeamwork 3.0 the software platform of choice for business intelligence collaboration.

Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate Now Supported 4K Video Formats and Multi-Language

LogoOn April 16th, the leading multimedia software solution developer and provider, Leawo Software, officially announced the upgrade of its flagship product – Total Media Converter Ultimate to V7.3.0.0. This upgrade gets 2 appealing features: 4K video formats and multi-language support.

UniSource Solutions Showcases New Cloud Based All in One Contact Center Software Products

Whether telemarketing or looking to provide comprehensive call center support and sales solutions for clients, having the right management software is essential to enabling both customer service agents and the customers themselves to have a seamless and productive experience. UniSource Solutions regularly reviews these products and offers a consulting service to help businesses find the right solutions for them. They have just published information on the next generation of flexible telemarketing software.

Cloud Business Software Solutions Provider Epazz, Inc. Starts Raising Capital via Fundable to Boost Their Sales and Marketing Force

LogoEpazz, Inc. (EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions, announced today that the Company has just started an equity crowdfunding campaign via Fundable. The company is looking to raise up to $4 million under Reg 506(c) to strengthen their sales and marketing capability.

CRT ViewPoint Is Offering Customer Surveys on Tablets

Proving themselves to be one of the prominent names in providing customer feedback solutions, CRT ViewPoint is now offering customer surveys on tablets that will enable individuals to capture data for staff, customers, patients and visitors. There are various benefits of using tablet surveys. It provides a method of evaluation that is different than face to face interactions, providing customer experience feedback in a similar way to how a mystery shopper might report back. The mobile nature of tablets means that surveys related to home visits, round-table surveys, store greeting and field work can be completed easily. It does not require additional data input. Data collection is automated through tablet surveys.

DearMob Originates 5KPlayer for Windows to Download 4K 8K Videos and Send Airplay Streams

LogoDearMob Inc. releases the long-awaited Windows version of 5KPlayer today as a one-stop solution to free play, stream and download almost all media files. It is uniquely hallmarked with the support for 4K/8K UHD and 3D movies, along with the feature of AirPlay streaming video music from an iPad or iPhone to a PC.

All-Region Leawo Blu-Ray Player Is Now Officially Available in Apple's Mac App Store

LogoToday, Leawo Software, a leading multimedia solution developer and provider for both Windows and Mac users, officially announced its Blu-ray Player for Mac landing on Mac App Store. From now on, any Mac user could visit Mac App Store to download and install this free and all-region Mac Blu-ray media player on personal iMac or MacBook for HD movie enjoyment without any cost.

DimensionU Congratulates Winners of the 2015 Hawai'i Math Games

LogoDimensionU, Inc, in collaboration with the University of Hawaii–West Oahu, Holomua GEAR UP on the Leeward Coast, and 21st Century Community Learning Center, congratulates the winners and all participants in the 2015 Hawai'i Math Games, held Friday, April 10, 2015, at the University of Hawaii – West Oahu campus. Students in grades 4-10, representing eleven schools from the Nanakuli-Waianae, Pearl City-Waipahu, and Aiea-Moanalua-Radford Complex Areas, participated in the 2nd annual event, which utilized DimensionU's interactive, multi-player video game software that combines the challenge of video gaming and rigor of academic skills into an exciting and engaging event. Separate competitions were conducted for elementary and secondary schools, which included a team-based and individual tournament at each level. Special thanks go to Papa John's Pizza for providing lunch to all students, educators, parents, volunteers and school administrators.

Cromosys Recently Launched Hire Mobile App Developer Services Which Has Proved Cost Effective for Small Businesses

LogoThe cost advantage of hiring dedicated mobile app developer from Cromosys in some cases is merely 1/5th of the cost of developing the same custom application from most other companies. Clients interested in their hire dedicated resource services can share requirements on and receive no-obligation quote within one business day.

Data Business Systems Offers Software to Improve School System Efficiency

Budget cuts continue to plague many schools today. According to, these cuts lead to fewer resources, smaller staffs and reduced services for students. Some believe adding more money to school budgets will solve these problems, yet others believe inefficiencies throughout the system must be addressed, as more money will only lead to bigger issues. Data Business Systems ( works to reduce these inefficiencies through the use of technology and offers a wide variety of products and services to assist school systems.

New AdWords Profiler Tool Enables Businesses to Get Detailed Information About the Google AdWords Campaigns of Their Competitors

Cloud-based SEO tool provider SEOprofiler has released the AdWords Profiler, a tool that enables businesses to get detailed information about the Google AdWords campaigns of their competitors. Armed with that information, businesses can improve their own Google AdWords campaigns, reach more customers, and save money.

Best Android to iPhone Transfer Software Now Available Online

With more and more iphone and Android users in the world, it is hard to choose the best one from amongst them. Currently, a lot of people can be seen to be switching from Android to iPhone. Transferring data from one Android to iPhone can be a hassle for a lot of people as it is time-consuming and can also be rather technical. Even with this process being so difficult, it has now become possible for people to be able to transfer data from both of these mediums. is now featuring the top three software's that allow data transfer from Android to iPhone, which is quite impressive.