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KHAOS Control Launches an Inventory Management Campaign

Controlling inventory remains a top priority of business owners, both big and small. Unfortunately, states most small businesses keep a critically low level of inventory on hand, with most keeping less than 29 days of product in stock. Inventory is considered an asset, yet it isn't one that is easily converted into cash in many situations. For this reason, every business needs to consider making use of multi channel inventory management software. With this product, offered through KHAOS Control, businesses find they get a better grasp on what they have, what they need, what is moving and what isn't.

Aplos Systems Publishes Three Part Investigation Into Bespoke Software Economy for SMEs

Software is something we interact with on a daily basis, but most of the dedicated user experience teams work on commercial software, and not that created specifically for businesses. What's more, business software is the jack of many trades, and idiosyncrasies in the way companies work are not often accounted for, causing operations to slow down or even grind to a halt when errors occur. Bespoke software seems like an expensive solution, but custom software developer Aplos Systems has committed to busting this myth with an in-depth investigation, with the first of three parts just published.

Get Smart Responsive Bootstrap Template at Reduced Prices from BootstrapMaster

As the business market has become competitive, the need of bootstrap themes for developing innovative and unique business websites has increased. Bootstrap, basically, is a theme-able and extensible framework that offers several powerful tools to develop a high quality website design. To meet the needs of entrepreneurs for quality designing, BootstrapMaster is now offering Smart Responsive Bootstrap Template at the market's best price.

FlipPageMaker Releases Unlimited Opportunities for Free Flip Book Maker

LogoFlipPageMaker presents their multifunctional Free Flip Book Maker that can enrich the users' experience and help them in business marketing. The Flip Book Maker is a professional tool used to easily convert text files to ebooks with flipping pages that contain eye catching and colorful themes, pictures and templates.

New Software Helps Real Estate Investors Grow Wealth in Less Than a Minute

LogoGrowing wealth via enviable property portfolios, a new software program gives investors an inside track. Taking less than a minute to spot a good investment, the doorval program takes what used to be time-consuming research and turns it into revenue. Doing the digital legwork for investors, doorval helps property seekers determine profitability metrics and morphs them into self-branded property packages to share with perspective clients or lenders, resulting in solid deals.

FileRescure Studio Introduces iPhone Data Recovery Software to Restore Lost iMessages

LogoRecognized as one of the leading provider of data recovery tools, FileRescure Studio has once again managed to make a headline in local news media. The company recently launched iPhone data recovery software - a tool designed specifically to recover lost data from iPhones. With the most efficient iMessage recovery software onboard presently, the studio aims to target people who accidently delete or lose their iPhone data and have issues retrieving it back.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player for Mac 1.9.0 Got Japanese Interface, Improved Disc Loading and Performance

LogoFor Mac movie fans, a movie player that accesses Blu-ray movies is hard to find, especially if it is of no cost. Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac meets these requirements. To deliver Mac movie fans better movie experience, Leawo Software officially upgraded its region-free Blu-ray Player for Mac to V1.9.0. The upgrade brings multiple improvements, including: newly added Japanese interface, improved Blu-ray disc reading and loading, user-friendly tooltips for shortcuts, and optimized playback operation.

Perfect Practice to Attend ALFN ANSWERS Conference

LogoPerfect Practice®, an industry leader in software for mortgage servicing and regulatory compliance will attend the ALFN Annual Leadership Conference at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort in Incline Village, Nevada July 19-22, 2015. Upgraded Its Flip Book Maker to a Newer Version

LogoThe software company has released a new version of its A-PDF Flip Book Maker. Designed for use with businesspeople with and without programming experience, A-PDF Flip Book Maker's new version 4.3.5 has been further optimized for accessibility, functionality, and customization.

Field Promax Offers New, Fast, Easy and Paperless Work Order Management Solution for Field Service Businesses

Field Promax proudly announces the launch of their new cutting edge work order management software application, which has been developed to help field service business companies effectively manage, schedule and control all their business activities from almost anywhere. The system and the process have been developed to help improve productivity and performance across different types of industries and sizes of business specifically Field Service Businesses.

FlipHTML5 Released New Flipbook Creator for Publishing Stylish Digital Content

LogoBusiness catalogues often tend to seem boring and way too technical for the customer to follow. Attractive visuals on the other hand, grab attention and, when presented in an interesting format, they hold this interest till the end of the presentation. This is imperative in ensuring new businesses get their best shot at representing their products or services to their customers.

DoYourData Software Launches Data Recovery 3.0 to Rescue Data from Extreme Disasters

LogoDoYourData Software gives users a complete data recovery solution with new release of Do Your Data Recovery 3.0. The new version is equipped with more powerful features and new advanced technology to ensure best data recovery quality.

Latest Leawo iPhone Transfer Software Supports iOS 8.4

LogoLeawo Software officially updated its multi-functional iPad, iPod and iPhone transfer software, Leawo iTransfer, to version today. The latest version of Leawo iTransfer added support of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2. The program is used for transferring files among iOS devices, iTunes and computers, so with the update, this powerful program will bring more convenience for people who have updated their iOS and iTunes to the latest version.

Biotech and Technology Mogul Tim Salaver Uses Social Media to Save Church After Theft

On the day before Independence Day, a church in Dublin, California was robbed of its fireworks and numerous other objects of value, costing them thousands and putting its future into doubt. The John Knox Presbyterian Church is the church of one Tim Salaver, a biotechnology and information systems consultant known as one of the founders of the Biotech Management Alliance, and a partner in Catena Software Solutions. Salaver promptly took to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to campaign on the Church's behalf and motivate the community to rally in their support.

PatrolScan Shares Reasons How Its Guard Tour System Streamlines Operations

LogoThrough an innovative product and comprehensive system, PatrolScan has recently informed potential customers of how their security patrol software will streamline business operations for increased security and safety. In a recent blog post on the website, customers are treated to a number of benefits that are associated with the system.

FlipHTML5 Brochures Maker Helps People Explore the Market Potential

LogoFlipHTML5 has unveiled its digital brochures maker packed with several features that are not only convenient for users but ensure that they make the most out of the market possibilities too.

Leawo Music Recorder for Mac 1.1.6 Updated with Support of Japanese/German and Music Editing Function

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd. - a software developing company that specializes in multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and conversions of iOS devices, officially updated its Leawo Music Recorder for Mac, to version 1.1.6. This version of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac added support of the Japanese and German languages, and music editing function by right-clicking in the recording interface.

Dallas Startup Connects Home Buyers and Sellers to Real Estate Professionals

LogoIn an increasingly digital age, many home buyers are turning to the internet to take the fear out of buying or selling a new home and to simplify the process. ZipandFind, a Dallas based internet startup, connects buyers and sellers with the best local real estate professionals, based on their desired zip code.

Aplos Systems Releases SMS Reserve

In a new development, Aplos Systems, a software company based in Southampton, UK, has recently release their newest product, the SMS Release. According to one of the company's representative, SMS Reserve is primarily targeted at small and medium sized restaurants. The company hopes that it will provide an easy way for the restaurants to boost their covers. It was also added that, the product will comprise of an easy to use interface and will allow a user to send out promotional text messages to numerous customers.

FlipHTML5 Page Flip eBook Software Has Reached a Major Milestone

LogoFlipHTML5 digital publishing platform has reached a major milestone by adding a new capability for publishers to sell their page flip eBook s online. This feat has been made possible because the company consistently upgrades its platform with more enhanced and superior features. FlipHTML5 now allows publishers to customize the e-commercial options to make eBooks go on sales. With FlipHTML5, Premium users can sell self-published digital publications on the website. Writers can now adjust the PayPal options, the selling options and the book information. After this is done, page flip eBooks can go on sales on the FlipHTML5 platform.

iMotions Announces Latest Release of the Biometric Research Platform, iMotions 5.6, Including Support for Empatica E4 GSR Wristband Device

iMotions, the global leader in software for enabling multiple bio-sensor research, is leapfrogging ahead with the release of the iMotions 5.6 biometric research platform.

GlobalShareWare's Brand-New Offering, iFoneMate Is the Ideal iPhone Data Recovery Software Boasting of Impressive Features

LogoWhen using an iPhone, there is every possibility that one may accidentally make an error causing important data to be lost. This data could be a photograph that may hold a special place in one's heart or it is also possible to get locked out of one's own phone due to accidentally forgetting the password or causing a jailbreak error.

Crowdsourcing Parcels Delivery Network Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoCrowdsourcing Parcels Delivery Network in a new idea based on the successful crowdsourcing efforts of other industries such as ride sharing.  By developing a new software program that can easily be downloaded to smartphones and other devices, users can earn money as they drive by delivering parcels within a certain range.  Relying on a combination website and app, the program will ensure same- and next-day parcel delivery by amateur couriers. Releases the Next Generation Free Flip Book Maker to the Market

LogoThe free digital publishing opportunity has been granted to the general public through the advanced FlipPDF Studio flip book maker. The high-end platform makes a plain text book to be much more attractive with 3D page turning effects.

FlipHTML5 Optimizes the Page Turning Feature for Flipbook Software

LogoFlipHTML5, a leading name in the world of digital publishing software has made further enhancements to its flipbook software making things easier for users.