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MacX Video Converter Pro V5.5.5 Updated to Download 4K Ultra HD Video Music from Any Online Video Site

MacXDVD continues to be an industry pioneer by announcing today that its ace product MacX Video Converter Pro now leverages a ground-breaking download kernel via a major update. As of today, the updated version supports over 300 online video sites, ranging from YouTube, to Vevo, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, BBC, and more. Accordingly, Users will be able to download 4K, HD video and music for viewing with no picture/audio freezes, regardless of which sites customers are using.

Focusky Presentation Software Has Reached over 132K Free Downloads Up to April

LogoFocusky Presentation Maker, a flagship product of Focusky Software Co. Ltd., soars in popularity in the last few weeks. According to recent statistic, the latest free presentation software has already been downloaded a whopping 132,000 times.

Best PumpWorks Selects VIMANA by System Insights

LogoSystem Insights (SI) announced that Best PumpWorks has selected VIMANA as their manufacturing software platform for improving shop floor production efficiency.

Free Education Presentation Software Released by Focusky: New Teaching Tool for Professors

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd announces the recent lunch of an innovative teaching tool for professors developed by the dedicated company's team. It is free education presentation software that uses animation to make learning more fun and engaging. The tool is completely free of charge and available for download, so that teachers can start playing with students' imagination while presenting the knowledge the kids have to learn.

News Free Presentation Maker by Focusky Is Now on Sale

LogoFocusky Software Co., Ltd. provides high-quality, user-friendly and cost-effective digital presentation software and related online services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Focusky is a leading provider of digital presentation software that's redefining the digital presentation industry worldwide.

S&S Cycle Selects VIMANA by System Insights

LogoSystem Insights (SI) announced that S&S Cycle has selected VIMANA as their manufacturing software platform for improving shop floor production efficiency.

How to Integrate Last Minute Mobile Hotel Bookings

The latest findings highlights how booking a hotel is often a last minute decision for clients and completed on smart mobile technology, and hotels must be prepared to accommodate quickly and efficiently.

Free Video Presentation Software by Focusky Closes Gap Between Business and Customer

LogoFocusky and Jason Chen, President are pleased to announce that the firm has developed a new and unique presentation software tool and made it available to businesses at no cost. Many so-called presentation tools are available in the market today. These software offerings are even able to insert videos into the presentation. The unique feature with Focusky free video presentation software is that it is able to output presentation in video format directly. There is no need for any other third-party software to be able to create a video presentation.

Digiarty Software Boasts Full Support for Converting Videos on Windows 10

LogoDigiarty Software, a famed multimedia solution provider, rolls out a significant update for its ace video converter, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, to convert videos on Windows 10. With this tool, users can achieve video conversion among SD/HD/4K videos and transfer video files to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone supported file formats with crisp images, nearly lossless audio quality on this new upcoming Microsoft Windows OS.

Call of Service – A New Software Helping Businesses Reduce Paperwork

LogoCall of Service is assisting several companies to reduce their clerical work loads. The software is a user-friendly solution that helps companies streamline the schedules of their mobile staff and manage customer data more efficiently.

I-Skool Is an Exciting New Education Revolution

LogoThe inspired minds behind "i-Skool" have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their interactive educational software to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $30,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring i Skool to market, and begin the process of getting it into education systems everywhere. i-Skool is a platform based mobile learning solution for use as an essential part of a child's educational experience, both at home and at school. When asked about their inspiration the team states, "We started i-Skool to make a real difference. We believe in giving all children a chance. Each day of school is an opportunity for a student to explore, learn and dream of a better future for themselves and for their communities." The team is also offering complete and total transparency to any parent, teacher or education supporter that wants to get involved with i-Skool and operate as a consulting "privy councilor".

Acutec Precision Machining Selects VIMANA by System Insights

LogoSystem Insights (SI) announced that Acutec Precision Machining has selected VIMANA as their manufacturing software platform for improving shop floor production efficiency. Offers Free PowerPoint Alternative That Brings Presentations to Life

LogoThe creators of have outdone themselves once again, by creating a powerful online software platform that will enable users to give their presentations the vitality they deserve. Companies that are looking for a free PowerPoint alternative presentation program will be thrilled with the media rich features, ease of use, multi-language capabilities, and other benefits that the software provides. Focusky has been dubbed as the "best free PowerPoint alternative in 2015", and for good reason. Although it is currently a competitor to Prezi and PowerPoint, it has many unique and professional features that give it an edge over both competitors. This new generation software is set to change the way that professionals give presentations in more ways than one. Its life-life visual appearance takes presentations from being dull and boring, to exciting, effective, and fun!

HR Virtuoso Company Announces New Software Release

LogoHR Virtuoso Company is pleased to announce that it is releasing an updated version of its groundbreaking mobile recruiting software. The new release will feature expanded user roles, a full requisition system, and an optional gamification panel for recruiters.

Navistra, LLC Launches a New Innovative Software Product Called Geotrackz Dispatch and Tracking Application

Navistra, LLC launches a new innovative software product called Geotrackz Dispatch and Tracking Software. The company also provides cost effective custom software solutions that are creatively developed, designed and intended for logistics industry. In addition to this, they also execute and design powerful and easy to use software that is designed for freight industry. Apart from this, Navistra, LLC is considered as the first company to offer this level of technology in the medium they created.

Focusky Introduces a Free Video Presentation Maker

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd, the pioneer in digital presentation software launched their latest product "Free Video Presentation Maker". This software enables a presentation to be converted to a video in minutes.

Focusky Offers New Free Slideshow Software That Is Like No Other in Its Class is thrilled to announce the release of the professional presentation maker. This flash-based digital presentation software delivers a powerful visual experience that is unmatched. It offers amazing design capabilities, powerful editing solutions, and numerous feature options that will enable users to create great presentations and animated videos to convey their messages in a professional and unique way. This revolutionary free slideshow software has totally transformed the use and appearance of traditional slideshow programs, to give users a powerful solution to enhance their levels of productivity and efficiency. If businesses or individuals want a feature rich presentation that will take their presentation efforts to the next level, they won't need to look any further than the Focusky Presentation Maker.

Focusky Free Online Presentation Software Offers a Wide Range of Templates

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd, world's number one in digital presentation software owns a variety of high-end presentation software solutions. The Focusky free online presentation software being one of the key software of the company, offers users a vast selection of templates.

Users Experience Improved Performance by SuperCondensed Quickbooks Data Files

Quickbooks users reporting sluggish performance due to large file sizes – one company promotes regular file maintenance for optimal performance of the accounting system.

Full Proof Intelligence Announces Funding for New Cyber Protection Software

Full Proof Intelligence announces they have obtained funding for their new state of the art cyber protection software. Funding has been provided by a Chinese Billionaire and Russian Oligarch-as these individuals understand the importance of protecting one's information from cyber attacks. Hacking attacks continue to increase in frequency, and this Cyber Security software helps to protect against these invasions.

Data Recovery Software Coupons: Use Promo Codes or a Coupon Code for Discounts on Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery has been widely known as the most effective tool to use when the security of one when browsing the web is concerned. It is where a software program is used in households and businesses. This is highly suitable for PCs, Mac and mobile phones. Data Recovery is the best solution that can be used not just to recover those accidentally deleted documents, photos, emails, medial files and so on and so forth. This is also used by most people in trying to get back the lost data from media devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android smartphones and tablets. This is also suitable to use on recovering the lost files and data that were previously stored and saved on external storage devices such as HDD, USB, SD card and a lot more. This software has been made more affordable with the release of the Data Recovery Software Coupons over the web.

HR Virtuoso Company Is a Proud Sponsor of the TDn2K Summer Brand Camp

LogoHR Virtuoso is proud to announce that it is participating in two ways during the upcoming TDn2K Summer Brand Camp.

Wine and Spirits Expertise Leads to Acquisition Announcement by Bastian Solutions

Modern Materials Handling magazine announced on opening day of ProMat last month that Bastian Solutions, a leading systems integrator, acquired Forte Engineering, a software firm outside Chicago specializing in warehouse execution systems.

BridgeWorks, LLC Now Offering VDM QuickView Application Subscriptions

LogoUsers who prefer to have instant access to their database information can find satisfaction in the VDM QuickView application offered at BridgeWorks, LLC. The company specializes in providing a reporting and query tool for businesses that organizes information and produces professional, complete reports. The subscription allows industries to schedule their views to run anytime, build customized interactive dashboards, create advanced charts, find information promptly and more. BridgeWorks, LLC, is pleased to announce that their reporting tool subscription is available for purchase; companies are invited to sign up for a free trial of the application.

Digiarty Extends Its Support to Copy DVD Movies on Upcoming Windows 10

LogoDigiarty Software, an established DVD video software provider, is quick to post a major update to its first-class DVD backup software to enable users to copy DVD on Windows 10, the next Windows OS to be released by Microsoft soon. According to the announcement from Windows blog, Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. And users running Windows 7/8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, genuine or non-genuine, will get a free upgrade to Windows 10 within the first year after its release. Undoubtedly, Windows 10 will reach hundreds of millions of customers.