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ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 Available to Speed Up the Design Process

LogoZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, today announced the release of  ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1, an updated version to its architecture specified product featuring with many exciting wall, door and window related enhancements and fixed bugs.The availability of new ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 will largely speed up the design process as well as efficiency.

FlipHTML5 Helps Publisher Increase Sales by Offering Ecommerce Solution

LogoFlipHTML5 has been known to be a market leader in digital marketing software, in the past year the company announced that it has introduced the ecommerce solution, the online brochures maker which would enable its online merchants to boost and increase more sales with digital flipping catalogues effectively with less hustle. People can even learn more details about how to use online brochures maker to grow business from their recent blog post.

YAC, the World's Fastest and Lightest PC Cleaner on Its Way to Making History

With technology taking over the world, hackers are getting close access to information that is invaluable. The same technology that is helping us lead the way towards the future is the same that is exposing all of us to this huge threat. While there are anti malware programs and virus protection suits that PC users can install and work with to ward off such threats, these programs don't even come close to meeting their goal because of the fact that the number of viruses created every day is in upwards of 1 million.

Creators of Long Tail Pro Release Version 3.0 with New Features

LogoSince 2011, Long Tail Pro has been the top keyword search software in the realm of SEO. Now Long Tail Pro version 3.0 is available with new features to enhance the keyword search and the user's ability to make money via niche markets, promote their business and blog, or any other internet-based financial activity that would benefit from Long Tail Pro's presence on the user's computer. It's one of the fastest keyword research software search in the business, surpassing Market Samurai.

Aplos Systems Publishes New Editorial on the Advantages of Small Bespoke Software Developers

In the 21st century business is evolving more rapidly than at any time in history, and businesses are diversifying their business practices at a staggering rate. Companies like Menlo use a completely analogue system and have attracted worldwide attention for trying to create a workplace focused on joy. Digital systems can help more traditional businesses increase efficiency, portability and enhance user experience and fulfillment. Software development company Aplos Systems is a highly regarded small bespoke software agency specializing in the development of these systems, and they have just published a new editorial explaining the advantages of using small software development.

E Instruments' BTU1500 Combustion Analyzer Now Has Auto Saving PC Software

LogoBucks County, PA-based E Instruments is a leading international supplier of combustion analyzers, indoor air quality monitors and calibrators. As a company that has an intense focus on quality and innovation, their professionals are always trying to find ways to make their products even more effective. In fact, the company is very eager to announce that their BTU1500 residential and commercial combustion analyzer now comes with auto saving PC software.

FlipHTML5 v4.3.0 Optimized Mobile Version of Flipbook with Flexible Page Thickness

LogoFostering user experience with innovative features and user-friendly approaches is the sign of customer pro enterprises, and FlipHTML5 is one such company which exemplifies this. Company's identity for its astounding product flip book maker has got glittered over time as the product originators added more handy features to it. The free flip book maker helps on business for all commercial users.

Advanced Hospitality Systems Announces the Release of NCR Aloha POS Software Version 12.3 with Improved Features

In the hospitality industry, no two factors are more crucial to providing excellent service than speed and accuracy. With the help of Aloha POS software and terminals, businesses are able to serve customers faster and dramatically increase communication between customer, front-of-house staff and the rest of the team working alongside them. A good POS system makes the difference between a company that serves clientele, and a company that serves them well. Now, Advanced Hospitality Systems announces that version 12.3 of their time-tested Aloha POS software is available for purchase, with improved features that have been tailored even further to meet client demands.

Video Skins: New Video Player Software Launch

LogoVideo Skins, a new video player by social media software expert, Sam Bakker, has been launched on July 22, 2015. The new video player software is set to help internet marketers create branded video players with call to action features to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

Sage Support for Businesses from Acuity Solutions

LogoSage accountancy and business management software is utilized by many small and medium sized businesses, creating outstanding enterprise resource planning solutions that contribute to the smooth functioning of their businesses. To assist entrepreneurs in this task, Acuity Solutions is now providing a range of Sage Support Services to support clients with the management of their Sage business system. Business leaders who are dependent on the smooth running of their Sage systems can count on the company for their high quality services.

FlipHTML5 Expands ePublishing Service to France by Launching a French-Language Website

LogoExtensively recognized for its best free online publishing platform, the Hong Kong based company FlipHTML5 is going all out to remove border and language barriers. As a latest development in this process, the company has launched a French version of its website which evidently means an easier access for its users from France, and all French speakers. Meanwhile, FlipHTML5 released a blog post about online brochure maker to introduce more detailed features.

Dukbill Launches Australia's First 'Lite' Accounting Software to Create Time and Money for Small Businesses

LogoSo what does the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, quick invoices, and tracked revenue all have in common? The newly launched mobile accounting management tool, Dukbill. The result of three exhaustive years of product research, the simple accounting software will redefine how small business owners do business. Now from any device, mobile or otherwise, they can manage clients, quotes, invoices and expenses all from one dashboard. Making them one click away from getting paid. Shares Reviews of Popular SEO Software has been created to educate people about FCS Networker software which is a great link building and link management tool. Recently the website has expanded to include reviews of other internet marketing tools that can be used in conjunction with this software to make link building as robust and as effective as possible.

FlipHTML5 Special Offers Attract Digital Publishers Globally

LogoFlipHTML5's digital publishing software is becoming one doting property for publishers, online marketers, entrepreneurs, and all others to enliven their digital content. The free ebook publisher, with its striking effects and animations, has gained popularity all because of the novel characteristics comprised in this software.

DearMob Boosts 5KPlayer Usage on Windows 10 to Relay Windows Media Center Missing Functions

LogoDearMob, Inc boosts 5KPlayer usage on Windows 10 to succeed the retired Windows Media Center. This freeware provides enhanced DVD playback function, download and play of 4K 8K UHD media files and video streaming support from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Windows 10 and from PC to Apple TV/8K display, giving instant solution on Windows 10.

Scott Tucker to Announce Latest Audio Recording Software

In their upcoming article Gadgets Made Simple will cover Scott Tucker's newest recording software entitled, "Pindrop." The program can work in conjunction with all previous software released by Tucker or can be used alone. "Pindrop" will be released to the public at the end of August.

Owning Free Flip Book Maker Got Easy with Incredible Opportunity from a-PDF

LogoDigital publishing has evidently been a newsmaker for businesses and individuals as they are now increasingly loving exciting animations and lucrative graphics to present their content with. Though most enterprises consider this a fertile option to spice up their content, cost of most flipbook makers is a prime concern for them. However, it looks like their wait for an economical solution has ended by A-PDF, a website offering large assortment of digital publishing software.

FlipHTML5 PDF to Flipbook Helps Businesses Take over the Mobile eBook Market

LogoFlipHTML5 is an expert on online and offline digital publishing software. Known for its reputation for providing the best for its customers, the company has continually updated and improved upon its flipbook software with improved and powerful capability to create the mobile PDF to flipbook publications. FlipHTML5 serves as a great tool for advertising and marketing, or any other business related purpose, users can distribute publication on the web in an engaging way that will get readers captivated. This software has been designed in such a way that it provides a powerful compatibility for business, in a manner that will foster the business-customer interaction. HTML5 PDF to flipbook is compatible with all devices such as iPad, iPhone, PC and so on. It works perfectly with mobile devices; all the page turning and animation effect are perfectly displayed.

Download a Free Trial of the Latest Version of Eassos Recovery 3.9.0

Termed as the 'best data recovery solution', the Eassos Recovery 3.9.0 is a leg up on the top rated 3.8.0 with enhanced features for a faster performance and cleaner results.

Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery Upgrades to Version 2.1.4 for Better Performance

LogoCoolmuster announces the upgrades of Android SMS+Contacts Recovery for Windows and Mac users for better performance. Now, it can help all users regain their lost, deleted or formatted contacts or text messages in the shortest time. Unveils What Might Be the Best Free Thesaurus Software Available Online

Most writers know the value of a good thesaurus. The ability to find and pick the most effective words with ease to get your ideas across can help writers with any creative work. There is now an effective tool any writer can use to boost creativity and produce higher quality writing.

Digiarty Software to Make Up for Windows Media Center's Absence in Windows 10

LogoAfter Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will come without Windows Media Center, many Windows users have been worried about the media playback issue facing the new released or upgraded Windows 10 PC, phones and tablets. Digiarty Software Inc., a leading Windows-based multimedia software developer company, comes to iron out the concerns of all people who have no idea of downloading Windows Media Center on Windows 10.

AnyFlip Upgraded Its Free Flip Book Maker to Be More Powerful

LogoDigital publishing and eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry in recent years, making it easier for online journals, aspiring authors, and retailers to reach an audience for their products affordably and quickly. Tech Times has published their list of the 2015 "must have" tech devices and tablets that include improvements to the Amazon Kindle fire product and the expectations for the next iPad. These trends in technology show the path of media, marketing, and the publishing industry for the foreseeable future.

A-PDF Released New Magazine Maker Mac Program

LogoA-PDF is a company headed by Winston Zhang has now released a new one-of-a-kind magazine maker Mac program that will make all Mac OS users make their own magazine and putting things together so as to share with others. Driven by its passion to develop affordable PDF tools, A-PDF launched this program for Mac OS user to allow them replace tedious PDF with stunning and appealing 3D publication. The name of the program is Flash Digital magazine Maker for Mac. Winston Zhang possesses ample experience in the field of improving PDF files and turning them into a much more appealing 3D publications.

Retail Consulting Services Provider RPE Delivers Enterprise Planning Solutions to Retailers

Retailers looking to meet consumer demands while increasing productivity and optimizing inventory, can turn to RPE for the latest retail planning software. RPE, a leading retail consulting services provider specializing in merchandising and supply chain services and solutions, works with retailers to recommend and implement solutions to increase functionality and adaptability.