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AnyFlip Recommends Using Flipbook Software to Keep E-Book Royalties Increasing

LogoEarning great revenues from writing and publishing e-books depend majorly on the royalties which an author gains from them. For that, they need their content to be presented in a more compelling and interactive manner which can make the maximum number of readers to go for it. The leading online digital publishing platform provider, AnyFlip, recommends using the flipbook software for designing and publishing the e-books for authors. The feature rich software from AnyFlip presents various options for the authors to give a highly impressive presentation to their work and showcase them in an extremely eye catching fashion.

Legal Files Announces General Release of Version 9.0

LogoFor more than 25 years, Legal Files Software, Inc., an industry leader in legal matter management software, has provided its product to corporate legal departments, law firms, universities, governmental agencies, and to legal professionals in many other industries. Known for its efficiency and modern functionality, the software is used across the country by many clients who have never had to select another legal matter management software application to meet their evolving needs or leverage advances in new technologies once selecting to Legal Files to fulfill their needs. Now, the company is proud to announce that this year, concomitantly with its 25th anniversary, the general availability of Version 9.0 of its case and matter management software.

AnyFlip Introduces Flipbook PDF to Replace Simple PDF Newsletter

LogoWith the advent of digital platforms, everything is getting easier. Electronic Newsletter is one such thing which has been welcomed warmly by businessmen all around the globe due to the ease of sending and posting them. AnyFlip has now introduced its new flipbook PDF which gives the e-newsletters a great versatility. With their new introduction, they are all set to replace the simple PDF styled newsletters.

Viastore Software Is SAP Services Partner at Silver Level in SAP Partner Edge Program

viastore Software, a provider of warehouse management and SAP logistics solutions, has been granted the silver-level status as a service partner within the SAP Partner Edge program. "For us this is an important step to further grow our SAP business," says Patrick Eichstädt, COO of viastore SOFTWARE. "Achieving the silver-level status as an SAP service partner means that we can now provide even more intensive strategic advice to our customers and optimize their business processes."

Sentient Science Takes $17 Million in Venture Funding

LogoSentient Science, the leading provider of materials science-based life prediction and extension technology, today announced a significant working capital infusion to add new products to its Wind Turbine Operator Fleet. Toba Capital selected Sentient Science as its first investment in materials science-based prediction software. Sentient has initially focused the "DigitalClone" technology on "Roller Bearing" centric, rotating equipment delivering computational testing and asset management.

Bolste Launches New Business Operating Solution with $5 Million in Funding

LogoBolste™ the new business operating system (BOS) that simplifies the lives of business teams launches today, backed with $5 million in funding. The launch comes after a strong beta testing period in which more than 18,000 users joined the platform, including teams from Accenture, Harley Davidson and the Arizona Small Business Association.

AnyFlip Announces the Latest Launch of Flip Book Maker for Mac

LogoLife is all about choices, and the choices people make is largely based on personal preferences. It has been popularly said that one man's meat is another man's poison. While some people can't trade their Windows Operating System (OS) on their personal computer (PC) and other Windows phones for anything, a whole lot of others prefer their favorite Mac OS on their Mac computers.

MobileTrans – The Revolutionary iPhone Data Transfer Software

LogoMobileTransf, a top leading provider of several consumer software products and services, announced today that the organization's enviable product - MobileTrans, possesses the inbuilt capacity to help users transfer data to their new iPhone effortlessly.

PUMEX Technologies Shares Key Findings from Consumerization of IT Study

LogoThe recently published IDG Enterprise Study on Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise includes several interesting findings that reflect the trends in corporate IT for 2016. For example, already in 2014 59% of companies that employ more than a thousand people and 50% of companies that employ less than a thousand people created policies for accessing and sharing corporate data on mobile devices and/or through cloud based services. Also, the study's findings suggest a significant amount of companies are interested and willing to invest in products like enterprise mobile app stores or platforms, as well as mobile device management solutions. Put together, these results support PUMEX Technologies' vision that the right IT solution can increase and improve the communication, efficiency and productivity of different company departments and functions.

AnyFlip Launched Online Magazine Maker for Electronic Publishing Easily

LogoDigital publishing of all types of catalogues, brochure or any content has been made extremely easy and efficient. AnyFlip, the foremost brand name in online magazine maker, has the ultimate solution for all global periodical office publications.

Simply Coding Starts Offering Free USB Flash Drive to All Amazon Buyers of Game Design Software for Kids

LogoSimply Coding is pleased to announce that all Amazon shoppers purchasing their animation software for kids are now eligible to receive a 8 GB USB flash drive absolutely free of charge. Official sources have revealed that this bonus offer will continue until further notification from Simply Coding. The game design software program from Simply Coding has been approved by the school systems all over America. Since the last two year, this program has been operational in many classrooms. The program has already received an excellent response from the Amazon buyers. Simply Coding is currently offering this educational software for a heavily discounted price of $79.99 only.

AnyFlip Introduces Its PDF Flipbook Software to Successful Authors

LogoIt has been rightly said that no man is an island on their own, and no one can achieve success all by themselves. Success is the desire of virtually everyone, and success is largely dependent on certain factors, especially a mutually beneficial relationship.

Advanced Hospitality Introduces Mobile Pay from NCR: Transforming Guest Experience by Increasing Efficiency and Security

Efficiency is crucial in a restaurant setting, and the service industry is constantly searching for new means by which to speed up transactions while still ensuring that guests feel welcome. Advanced Hospitality Systems, a provider of restaurant point of sale technology to New Jersey, PA, and beyond, is pleased to introduce Mobile Pay from NCR, a system designed to streamline payment via customers' iPhones while also helping to ensure the security of their personal information.

Our Hometown Announces SmartClickConnect

LogoOur Hometown, Inc. has released their latest exclusive product for digital news publishers, SmartClickConnect.

DoYourData Releases 4.1 Powerful Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

LogoDoYourData Software, professional data recovery tool developer, announces the release of Do Your Data Recovery 4.1 on both Windows and Mac platform. This new version allows users more easily to scan Windows or Mac hard drive to recover deleted or lost files. Moreover, the bug of activation has been fixed.

Digiarty Offers the Fastest Solution to Convert DAT to MP4 on Windows 10

LogoWinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, the ace video converting software developed by the leading multimedia supplier - Digiarty Software, has been competent to convert DAT video to MP4 format on Windows 10 in an extraordinarily short time while delivering greatly enhanced image and audio quality.

PUB HTML5 Announces Stylish Flipping Book PDF as Ideal Tool to Tell Stories

LogoPUB HTML5 has become the leading provider of online digital publishing platforms for its clients. With ease of use, powerful tools, amazing animation effects and other features, along with the various different publishing options, the makers of PUB HTML5 has made creating and publishing online digital content a much easier and effective task. Recently the company introduced one more innovative aspect to their services as they brought on their latest flipping book PDF format for the publishers. With its great features, it gives them a way to bring their stories to life.

iFonemate Brings the Answer to Recovery of Lost Data on iPhone

LogoNotes, loaded with a multitude of features, has emerged as one of the most frequently used applications on the iOS devices. It comes in handy for noting down bits and pieces of information and drafting memos, on the go. The convenience of modifying entries and accessing it via different devices through iCloud services has made iPhone users heavily reliant on this application. Naturally, they are at a loss when they are unable to access the data stored in Notes. The professional and easy-to-operate iPhone recovery software - iFonemate brings an easy way out of this dilemma.

O'Hagan Philadelphia Selects Legal Files for Matter Management

LogoO'Hagan Philadelphia, LLC has chosen Legal Files, the namesake product of Legal Files Software, Inc., as its electronic matter and document management solution. With offices in Chicago, Richmond and Philadelphia, O'Hagan LLC operates as a national boutique law firm defending corporations, non-profits, associations and their officers & directors in every manner of litigation.

Office 2016 Promo Code Publishes New Suite of Incentives and Offers for the New Year

Microsoft announced a new 2016 version of their popular Office suite of programs, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This hallmark software is the foundation stone of what makes Microsoft so ubiquitous in home and office environments, and is without a doubt their highest earning product. Office 2016 Promo Code exists to help people keep some of that money in their pocket instead of Microsoft's, by sharing the best promotional codes and discount offers from around the web. They have just published a new suite of offers in time for the New Year.

Flipping Book by PUB HTML5 Meets the Content Marketing Trends in 2016

LogoJust as a particular year gives way for another fresh year after 365 days (except in a leap year,) and just as marketing methods and techniques change from time to time, one vital question on the lips of businesses and organizations is; what type of contents are growing in popularity in the year 2016? Releases Custom Training App for Restaurants and Bar Owners, a mobile learning and training app developer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, recently announced its venture into customized mobile app development for large and small businesses. The development company is offering learning and training apps that cater to the needs of a variety of different business owners and companies. One of their first app offerings targets restaurant and bar owners, it particularly aims to help them vet potential employees as well as teach them the essential knowledge and skills required in successful daily operations.

PDF to Flipbooks Created by PUB HTML5 Now Receive New Enhancements

LogoThe leading technology provider of HTML5 digital publishing software, PUB HTML5 has made a giant leap in its bid to satisfy its customer and to improve their digital publishing applications. Due to the versatility and tenacity of its software development team, PUB HTML5 now has the full ability and capacity to convert PDF to flipbook, and not only that, they made it so easy and pleasurable for both the existing customers and the prospective customers.

FlipBuilder Now Offers an Upgraded Flipbook Creator with Advance Features

LogoFlipBuilder, the online flipbook creator which allows the creator to replace their boring static PDF product catalogs or marketing brochures to a more exciting, attractive and interactive flipbook, has upgraded to version 2.3.19. Which means that now the FlipBuilder has become more powerful than ever before, it is now packed with new functions like the users can now run debug mode to help them find mistaken steps which will definitely make the developer's work more efficient and convenient than ever before.

New 'Waze for Shopping' App Offers Real-Time Info on Local Deals

Starting today, shoppers will now have access to live data and information on the best deals closest to them with the launch of Findz, a new mobile app for the iOS platform.